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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

WH Press Sec McEnany Takes On Hostile Media During Briefing

Slams Cuomo HQC hypocrisy, Rice’s declassified email, vote-by-mail White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fielded many predictably hostile questions by the mainstream media during a White House press briefing Wednesday, addressing Deep State corruption, COVID-19, and the presidential election.Trump’s fifth press secretary easily handled the media’s ambush questions, spin, and downright hostility regarding President Trump…

Bill Seeks to Block Coronavirus Aid to States, Cities Giving Money to Illegals

A new bill introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ariz.) would freeze coronavirus crisis aid to cities and states if they are distributing funds to illegal aliens. The No Bailouts For Illegal Aliens Act “amends the CARES Act to prohibit sending future funds to states or municipalities until they certify they aren’t issuing stimulus checks or…

Susan Rice Email Declassified, Shows Comey Didn’t Want Flynn To Get ‘Sensitive’ Info on...

Why didn’t Deep State want incoming National Security Adviser to know pertinent national security matters? The newly-declassified email of Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice shows that former FBI Director James Comey didn’t want “sensitive information related to Russia” in the hands of incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell…

Unbelievable: Democrats Preparing To Impeach Trump AGAIN Over Russia Collusion Hoax

Democrats still determined to use thoroughly-debunked Russian collusion hoax to remove president House Democrats are quietly moving forward with a renewed plan to impeach President Donald Trump using Mueller’s grand jury material related to the entirely-debunked Russian collusion hoax.“The Committee’s impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing,” House…

De Blasio May Fence Off Beaches to Punish City Residents

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may order fences be erected to keep people off beaches if they don’t obey his coronavirus lockdown orders. “You want to walk along the beach or sit on the beach for a while, fine,” de Blasio said on Sunday. “No swimming, no parties, no sports, no gatherings. We’re…

Dems Launch ANOTHER Trump Probe –- After He Fires State Dept Official Investigating Pompeo...

Skip to content Left’s crusade against president will never stop regardless of facts or truth Two Democrat-led committees on Capitol Hill have launched a fresh investigation into President Trump. This probe focuses on allegations that Trump fired a State Department employee for political reasons.Trump informed Congress on Friday that he intends to fire State Department…

‘People Should Be Going To Jail’: Trump Tears Into Obama Administration Over Spying, Deep...

‘If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago; and I’m talking with 50-year sentences,’ says president President Trump excoriated former President Obama and his Democrat Deep State cohorts for their illegal spy operation and attempted coup against Trump’s campaign and administration.In an…

TSA To Check Passengers’ Temperature At Airports

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be checking passengers’ temperatures at select airports next week. People familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal that additional details would be unveiled in the near term. The program is expected to roll out at 12 airports next week and will cost…

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Broward County Administrator Discusses Going Into ‘Family Homes’ to Separate People

Government has power to enter your home and remove you from your family, according to Bertha Henry Broward County, Florida Administrator Bertha Henry recently discussed a new Coronavirus proposal “that would substantially increase not only the tracing but more testing and case management and isolation, for you, when we have to go into some of…

Trump Vows to Strip ‘Radical Left’ of ‘TOTAL COMMAND’ Over Facebook, IG, Twitter &...

‘The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation,’ president tweets President Donald Trump has vowed to break the “radical left’s” apparent control of social media platforms. Earlier, the president thanked his “keyboard warriors” for their support, as they accused the tech firms of censorship.“The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook,…
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