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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trump: Joe Biden Will Pack SCOTUS and ‘Shred Your 2nd Amendment’

During his Friday rally in Macon, Georgia, President Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden would use an election victory to stack to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and “shred” the Second Amendment. Trump talked about Biden’s ABC News town hall, saying, “Last night, Biden refused to rule out court packing.” He then…

Joe Biden Suggests Police Should Shoot Criminals ‘In The Leg’ Instead Of Shooting ‘To...

October 15, 2020 10:35 PM ET Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested that police officers should shoot dangerous criminals “in the leg” in an effort to deescalate situations. Biden spoke on ABC News Thursday during a town hall hosted in lieu of a second presidential debate. The former vice president was speaking about making changes…

Florida Man Takes His AR-15 To Disney

October 14, 2020 9:39 PM ET A 43-year-old Florida resident from Palm Beach was found bringing an AR-15 and a handgun into Disney World Resorts while on vacation with his family, due to fears about Black Lives Matter protesters, according to a Wednesday report from Newsweek. The man was seen carrying the weapons inside of…

Gun and Ammunition Shortages Compounded by Hunting Season

The run on guns and ammunition in the U.S. during 2020 is compounded by the fact that it is hunting season, and interest in hunting has increased. Fox News reported that news coming out of “multiple states” indicates that “more people than usual have applied for hunting licenses, likely due to a desire to get outside…

Detroit Police Chief James Craig Blasts Ed Markey For Suggesting Police Shouldn’t Have ‘Weapons...

September 14, 2020 8:34 PM ET Detroit Police Chief James Craig blasted Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey during a Monday night appearance on “The Story” for suggesting that police officers be disarmed. “Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force,” Markey tweeted Monday. “We must disarm these officers, and every other police department in…

Gun Store Owner Who Shot Alleged Robber: ‘Don’t Come Back, I’ve Got More Ammo’

A gun store owner in Richardson, Texas, faked a heart attack during an alleged armed robbery Thursday, buying time to get his hands on a gun and shoot one of the suspects. CBS DFW reported the incident occurred around 3 p.m. at Mike’s Gun Room. Fox 4 reported that 77-year-old Mike Brown was in the…

Here’s What To Expect In 2021: Guns And The Second Amendment

Editor’s note: With President Donald Trump and many Republican senators losing ground in recent polls, the odds of Democrats controlling all three branches of government are increasing. The series “Here’s What To Expect In 2021” will cover policies that have passed in the Democrat run U.S. House of Representatives and which poll well among the…

From the Inside: Observations about America in our times [Video]

This piece comprises the thoughts of a friend in America about our nation’s current situation. In his observations, he offers some positive fallout that he believes will come from all the present madness. We offer his text with only minor edits for clarity and emphasis on content. We also have attached a video from a…

Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide

President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown. The DHS guidelines list as essential: Workers supporting the manufacturing of safety equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and…

Students Force University Of Virginia To End 21-Gun Salute On Veterans Day

November 11, 2019 5:14 PM ET The University of Virginia announced last week that they were ending their annual 21-gun salute as part of their Veterans Day ceremony. The celebration was ended after more than a decade due to fears that students would face trauma from the noise of the gun shots. The ceremony comes…
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