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Sunday, March 7, 2021

This Is What Hedge Funds Bought And Sold In Q3: Complete 13F Summary

While we live in a time when the holdings of the top 20 Robinhood "investors" have far more information value for markets and other traders than a glimpse into what hedge funds are doing, not in the least because retail investors are outperforming both the S&P500 and hedge funds 10-to-1... ... unfortunately there is still…

Is This The End For Hedge Funds: Retail Investors Outperform “Smart Money” Ten-To-One

After a dismal decade for hedge funds, 2020 was the year that may have sealed the fate of the (former) masters of the universe who once upon a time collected 2 and 20 to hedge against crashes and to outperform the market but now merely collect tens of million in fees to come up creative…

Hedge Fund CIO: To Markets It No Longer Matters Who Wins The Election

By Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management When 2020 started, Trump seemed destined to win. The economy was strong, unemployment low, markets were priced accordingly. The odds of a Democrat victory were low, though market consequences of such an outcome seemed clear - higher taxes and re-regulation would knock equities lower. A 25%…

Hedge Funds Flock To Florida As Wealthy Americans Seek Lower Taxes

Carl Ichan isn't the only mogul moving to Florida for tax reasons. According to Bloomberg, a flood of hedge funds are planning to expand their presence in the Sunshine State, as wealthy residents from northern states contend with the threat of higher taxes. Paul Singer's Elliott Management Corp. is reportedly considering opening a Florida office,…

Hedge Funds Start Piling Into “The Big Short 3.0”

Back in June we said that as we had reported previously, with commercial real estate failing to benefit from the record rebound in overall risk since the March lows as a result of a tidal wave of retail bankruptcies, CMBX Series 6 which back in March 2017 was dubbed the "Big Short 2.0" trade due…

Hedge Fund CIO: “We Have Reached The Point Where The Entirety Of Future Prosperity...

By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management The Fed presides over the world’s largest economy. Treasury claims otherwise, but the Fed is also guardian of the world’s reserve currency. From this position of power, global central banks were drawn by force of gravity to adopt Fed policies. Over the past decade, global central…

What Rebound? Hedge Funds Have Been Selling For 8 Of Past 9 Days As...

Today's market rebound was impressive, but after the first major sell-off in some time on Monday and Tuesday, it was not impressive enough for Nomura's quant Masanari Takada who writes that what is going on in the market - i.e., the unprecedented arrival of negative WTI crude oil futures prices which seems to have dealt…

Hedge Funds Have Never Been More Levered Or More Invested In The Same Handful...

Authored by Christopher Metli, Executive Director of MOrgan Stanley Quant Derivative Strategies Investors largely shrugged off the factor rotation on Feb 4th as an isolated event, but it shouldn’t be dismissed – higher factor volatility is structural and is here to stay.  Funds are taking bigger factor bets, positioning is crowded, leverage is high, and…

Meet The 5 Hedge Fund Managers Who Made More Than $1 Billion Each In...

Despite the record inflows into passive investing products and a record amount of Fed liquidity constantly forcing U.S. equity markets to all time highs, there are still some "old school" hedge fund managers on the street managing to cash big checks.  In fact, there were five managers who each made over $1 billion last year,…

Bill Miller’s Hedge Fund Returns 120% In 2019, Up 60% In Q4

Bill Miller's reputation as the world's most procyclical, beta-levered investor received a straight-to-the-heart injection of epinephrine after a stellar return in 2019, when his fund, Miller Value Partner 1, soared 120% according to an investor letter seen by Bloomberg News. This means that while Miller's hedge fund uses one to three times leverage on its…
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