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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Here’s One (More) Reason Inflation Could Accelerate Through Mid-2022

Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog,It’s no secret that pandemic-related government policy is driving at least some of the inflation currently being experienced in the United States. Indeed, real disposable income per capita has deviated from a linear trend in a meaningful way since 2020. The recent “breakout” in real disposable income…

Here’s Everything America Gets For $1.2 Trillion In Infrastructure Spending – Including The Crazy...

After Friday night's 11th-hour vote in the House resulted in the passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill - thanks to 13 uniparty Republicans who joined the Congressional Black Caucus in short-sheeting House Progressives - the Wall Street Journal and Forbes have published refreshers of what what America is supposedly getting out of the largest…

Here’s Why America’s Labor-Shortage Will Drive Inflation Higher

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,Great swaths of the American workforce are already on strike or slipping away from the dead-end treadmill.America's labor shortage is complex and doesn't lend itself to the simplistic expectations favored by media talking heads. The Wall Street cheerleaders extol the virtues of "getting America back to work" which is…

Here’s What Wall Street Thinks Is Behind The Shocking Plunge In Yields

While stocks have been a (mostly) one-way ticket higher, 2021 has been a rollercoaster for interest rates: after 10 year yields rose +83bps in Q1, they fell -27bps in Q2 and have started Q3 by already falling another -12bps.So yesterday, when commenting on the latest violent move in yields lower which left a majority of…

Here’s Why The Yield Curve Could Re-Steepen, And What That Means For Stocks

Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog,Last week the 10-year to 2-year US Treasury yield curve spread narrowed from 133bps to 119bps in just three trading days. That 14bps curve flattening was a 2 standard deviation event going back to 1990, so it’s safe to say moves like we saw last week are…

Here’s How Much Money Every State Will Get From The Biden Bailout

Last Friday, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform (COAR) approved a bill as part of Congressional Democrats’ budget reconciliation efforts that would provide $350BN of direct aid to state and local governments, aid which “in most cases" is "sufficient…to cover pandemic-induced revenue losses and some if not all of the increased costs these governments…

Here’s What The Fed Will Say Today

Unlike the quite exciting December FOMC meeting, consensus among economists is that the January FOMC meeting should be fairly quiet.As Goldman writes in its FOMC preview, "while the pace of economic recovery has faltered in recent months due to virus resurgence, nearly all Fed officials have said that the medium-term outlook remains bright." As such,…

Here’s How Much Your Income Will Change Under The Biden Tax Plan

While the market has so far focused exclusively on the temporary economic sugar high that the Biden fiscal stimulus will unleash on the US economy, which however may be far below Biden's bogey of $1.9 trillion with Goldman now expecting just $1.1 trillion being enacted due to republican opposition, traders are starting to focus on…

Here’s Your Historical Analogy Menu: Rome, The USSR, Or Revolutionary France

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The core dynamic is ultimately the loss of social cohesion within the ruling elites and in the social order at large. There's a definite end of days feeling to the euphoria that the world didn't end on November 3. And what better way to celebrate the victory of what passes…

Here’s What Happens Every Minute On The Internet In 2020

In 2020, an unfathomable amount of digital activity is occurring at any given moment. As Visual Capitalist's Aran Ali details below, this ongoing explosion in activity is the aggregate output of 4.5 billion internet users today, a number that’s projected to increase even further in coming years. This powerful visual from Domo helps capture what happens each minute in…

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