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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Dominion refusal to attend hearing is globalists throwing down the gauntlet [Video]

The American nation is in big trouble. Christianity Daily and a few other conservative media outlets ran a piece on Friday, November 20, noting how Dominion Voting Systems refused to attend a hearing regarding their equipment changing votes to Biden from Trump en masse during the November 3 elections. Christianity Daily’s Julio Cachila writes [slightly…

Report: Xi Jinping Ordering Erasure of Genghis Khan from Chinese History

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is attempting to erase the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan from Chinese history according to a report this weekend by human rights magazine Bitter Winter. Genghis Khan founded the Mongolian Empire in 1206. It was the largest contiguous land empire in world history at its peak, spanning roughly nine million square miles…
“transportation-history”-–-first-humans-travel-through virgin-hyperloop

“Transportation History” – First Humans Travel Through Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop has completed a historic passenger ride of a levitating pod system that zoomed through the Nevada desert, the company said in a statement on Nov. 08.  Josh Giegel, CTO and Co-Founder, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger Experience at Virgin Hyperloop, were the world's first humans to ride in the new form of transportation.  Here's…

Whole Foods Attempts to Ban Staff from Wearing Poppies to Remember War Dead

Trendy grocery chain Whole Foods received backlash after attempting to ban staff from wearing poppies to remember the war dead in Canada. Poppies, which became a symbol of the fallen after they sprang up across the torn battlefields of France and Belgium in the wake of the First World War, have been sold in much…

California, Which Entered U.S. as Free State in 1850, to Study ‘Reparations’ for Slavery

The State of California will study reparations to black Americans, thanks to a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom. AB 3121 will create a nine-member “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, with a Special Consideration for African Americans Who are Descendants of Persons Enslaved in the United…

Montage about Joe Biden lies and plagiarism cannot be ignored [Video]

This is stunning. We all know the saying “you know a politician is lying by when his lips are moving” or various permutations of this. We have seen it in truth for a number of political figures. However, for Joe Biden, this is taken to a level that is so extreme, only selective forgetfulness and…

Flashback on COVID reveals how much – and how little – we know [Video]

The video you are about to see is made by a gentleman named Anton “Lyadov” Gerzen. He is a Russian on-the-ground investigative reporter that goes “on scene” to various places such as North Korea, where people just generally do not go, for reasons of danger or arrest. Here he went to the Hubei Province in…

A Brief History Of The Gold Standard

This article is part of the Understanding Money Mechanics series, by Robert P. Murphy. The series will be published as a book in late 2020. To fully understand our current global monetary system, in which all of the major powers issue unbacked fiat money, it is helpful to learn how today’s system emerged from its earlier form.…

The Worst Year In History?

Authored by Saamir Ansari via Medium.com, 2020 has already been immortalised. It is a year that nobody will forget. However, when speaking of the worst year recorded in human history there are many to choose from: The year 1349 saw the Black Death kill half the population of Europe. In 1520 smallpox ravaged the Americas…

Attention History Buffs: This History Hit TV Streaming Service Is Half-Off

No matter which way you look at it, the world is a pretty fantastic place. But it wasn’t built overnight. Our history is rich with incredible stories that shaped who we are today and who we’re destined to become. And while it’s easy to get lost in the happenings of today, it’s important to remember…
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