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Sunday, January 24, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Fenton Says Hollywood Needs To Take ‘Patriots First, Capitalist Second’ Mindset Following...

Author and Former Hollywood executive Chris Fenton sat down with the Daily Caller’s Anders Hagstrom to discuss the release of the live-action Mulan remake and what it means for Hollywood’s relationship with China. Fenton says Hollywood needs to take a “patriot first, capitalist second” mindset when it comes to dealing with China’s leading communist party.…

FACT CHECK: Did Jim Carrey Say, ‘Hollywood Elites Eat Whole Babies For Christmas’?

An article shared on Facebook claims actor Jim Carrey said, “Hollywood elites eat whole babies for Christmas.” Facebook/Screenshot Verdict: False There is no evidence that Carrey ever made the statements attributed to him in the article. Fact Check: In May, a 2018 article published by the website Jasper and Sardine has resurfaced in QAnon Facebook…

Major Hollywood Studio Orders “AI-Driven” Face-Mask Detection Robots

A major Hollywood studio ordered face mask detection robots this week that mount on walls in public areas.  Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., published a press release Wednesday morning, revealing a major studio in the Holywood area (whose name cannot be disclosed due to non-disclosure agreements in place) purchased two Robotic Observation Security Apparatus Units (ROSA) from its wholly-owned subsidiary Robotic…

Hollywood Producer David Guillod Charged With Sexual Assaulting Multiple Women

Hollywood producer and former talent manager David Guillod has been charged with sexually assaulting multiple women over the last decade. The producer is facing 11 counts, including kidnapping to commit rape and rape of a drugged victim, per the Hollywood Reporter in a piece published Monday. The alleged attacks occurred between May 2012 and January…

Georgia Issues Coronavirus Filming Guidelines to Re-Start Production

Georgia is moving faster than California in its effort to re-start Hollywood production, with Gov. Brian Kemp (R) issuing COVID-19 guidelines on Friday to help ensure that cast and crew members remain safe when they eventually return to work. While studios will ultimately decide when they will resume shooting on movies and TV shows, individual…

Study: 70 Percent of Consumers Prefer to Watch New Movies at Home

In a troubling sign for the exhibition industry, a new survey has found that the majority of consumers now prefer to watch new movies at home as fears about the Chinese coronavirus continue to outweigh the urge to go out. The study — which polled 1,000 consumers — asked if they would prefer to watch…

Jake Gyllenhaal Says It’s Time To Focus On His Life, Hints At Kids In...

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to focus on something other than his Hollywood acting. Gyllenhaal opened up about what comes next in an interview published Friday by British Vogue. View this post on Instagram “Seeing life as something that is, you know, fleeting, and the world being as it is now… I’ve turned to love.”…

Ted Cruz Tells Tucker Carlson: Hollywood Is ‘Fully Complicit’ In Chinese Censorship

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday that he has introduced legislation that would ban Hollywood productions from using “Pentagon assets” if they enable Chinese censorship. “We aren’t going to facilitate Chinese communist censorship,” Cruz told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  “The  problem of censorship is a massive problem within China. China’s own censorship and coverup of…

Ted Cruz Bill Would Ban the Pentagon from Helping Studios Censor Films to Appease...

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Hollywood of being “complicit in China’s censorship and propaganda in the name of bigger profits.” He has legislation that would prevent the Pentagon from working with film studios working to accommodate the censorious demands of the Chinese state. The legislation, called “The Stopping Censorship, Restoring Integrity, Protecting Talkies Act” (SCRIPT Act), would…

Hollywood Has $9 Billion Reasons to Not Blame China for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump-bashing Hollywood figures, from film stars to studio executives, have been conspicuously silent when it comes to China as evidence mounts that Chinese dictators sought to hide the true gravity of the coronavirus outbreak and silence doctors who tried to speak out. Take Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista. He’s attacked President Donald…
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