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Samurai Sword, Throwing Axe In Homeless Encampment Near School But City Remains Silent

April 23, 2021 6:19 PM ET A Seattle parent said Friday he found a samurai sword and a throwing axe in a homeless encampment sprawled near his son’s kindergarten school. Ryle Goodrich told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that he found the dangerous objects while inspecting the territory of one of the camps. Two school campuses…

VIDEO: Los Angeles Opens First Tiny Homes Village to Combat Homelessness

Los Angeles has opened its first tiny homes village in an effort to tackle homelessness, the Associated Press (AP) reported Wednesday. In February, Amy Skinner got the keys to one of the 39 units on the one-acre plot located in a North Hollywood neighborhood and moved into the temporary space with her partner, John Golka,…

Redondo Beach Officials Use Tiny Homes to Help Solve Homelessness Crisis

Officials in Redondo Beach, California, are turning to tiny homes to help solve the city’s homelessness problem. The city’s homeless population is estimated to be less than 200, a small number compared to other cities in Southern California. However, officials are experimenting with ways to meet the growing need, ABC 7 reported Friday. “We have…

San Francisco Shuts Down Homeless Hotels With Free Booze And Drugs After Meth Lab...

August 12, 2020 11:00 PM ET Journalist Erica Sandberg said Wednesday that San Francisco has shut down its “harm reduction” program that offered free alcohol, drugs and hotel rooms to the city’s homeless after a meth label was discovered in one room. “It was basically a disaster,” Sandberg told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “It’s…

L.A. Homeless Shelter Worker Gerald Shiroma Dies of Coronavirus

Gerald Shiroma, a worker at the Union Rescue Mission homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles, died from coronavirus late last week, according to shelter director Rev. Andrew Bales. Shiroma had worked his way out of homelessness. In a video posted to social media, Rev. Bales called Shiroma a “selfless, wonderful teammate,” and a “gentle soul”…

Homelessness In Britain From Brighton To Brent

In Britain, homelessness used to be a problem almost exclusively for older people and for those with what are euphemistically termed mental health issues. True, there was the 1966 dramatisation Cathy Come Home which highlighted a wider issue, but generally speaking, after the Second World War, homelessness was not that big a deal for ordinary people.…

Homelessness Conference In Seattle Featured Transgender Stripper

December 15, 2019 5:40 PM ET A conference on solving homelessness in Seattle featured a transgender stripper. Video from the Dec. 9 event surfaced Saturday on Twitter, showing the stripper, who goes by the name Beyoncé Black St. James, twerking on and kissing attendees. “Last week, Seattle and King County leaders hired transgender stripper Beyoncé…

‘Please President Trump Help Us In Los Angeles’: California Resident Speaks Out About Homelessness...

California resident and conservative commentator Alexandra Datig is calling on President Donald Trump to take action  on the homelessness crisis in the Golden state. “Please President Trump help us in Los Angeles,” said Datig. (RELATED: LA Woman Recounts Time A Homeless Man Doused Her In Diarrhea — ‘He Just Kept Pouring It’.) The Daily Caller’s…

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