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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Student stand-off inside a Hong Kong university campus (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the protests in Hong Kong, and the stand-off inside a Hong Kong university campus which has led to clashes, as protesters tried to repel a police advance. Large fires broke out at entrances to the Polytechnic University (PolyU), where protesters hurled petrol bombs and shot arrows…

Chinese Troops Take to the Streets of Hong Kong for the First Time

Soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army were deployed on the streets of Hong Kong over the weekend for the first time in five months of increasingly rancorous protests. The troops were unarmed, dressed in plain clothes, and assigned primarily to clean up debris and roadblocks created by protesters. Chinese officials and state-run media insisted the…

Apple CEO Tim Cook Met with China’s Market Regulator After Banning Hong Kong Protest...

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with China’s market regulator in Beijing shortly after banning the HKMap.live app, which was used to track police and protest activity in Hong Kong. Business Insider reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with China’s chief of market regulation just days after Apple removed the Hong Kong police activity…

Fans, Pols Erupt After LeBron James Caves to China

Politicians and media personalities took to Twitter and unloaded on NBA star LeBron James after he sided with China by assessing that Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey “wasn’t educated” for tweeting support of the pro-freedom movement in Hong Kong. The left-wing activist made waves Monday evening after proclaiming that Morey “wasn’t educated on the…

Rockets Apologize for Cutting Off CNN Reporter’s Question About China Controversy

The Houston Rockets have apologized for shutting down a CNN reporter’s question about the NBA-China controversy, during a Thursday press conference. CNN reporter Christina Macfarlane asked Rockets guards James Harden and Russell Westbrook if either of them would reconsider speaking out on social issues, given China’s angry response to a now-deleted tweet from Rockets GM…

Charles Barkley Blasts ‘Idiots’ for Criticizing NBA over China Controversy

Former NBA star Charles Barkley has come out against the “idiots” criticizing the NBA over the China controversy, and defended the league by pointing out the “billions of dollars” that are at stake. Despite China’s long history of human rights abuses, the TNT sports commentator and former Houston Rockets star called critics of the NBA,…

The Battle Over Hong Kong: New Silk Road or New World Order?

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation: To the chagrin of those authors of color revolutions who have invested so much time and energy in their attempts to undermine national sovereignty as seen in Hong Kong today, not only have their plans to overthrow Bashar al Assad, and President Maduro failed, but even their simpler objectives…

Hong Kong Chief Confirms Audio of Her Wanting to Resign Is Real, China Calls...

The Chinese propaganda newspaper Global Times published a stunning article Tuesday that quotes the Hong Kong chief executive confirming the legitimacy of audio published by Reuters in which she says she wants to resign from her post, but nonetheless declares the Reuters report is “fake.” The Global Times does not elaborate on what about the Reuters report…

What Will China Do With The Hong Kong Protests?

Authored by Lawrence Franklin via The Gatestone Institute: Protests in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (SAR) — which began in early June with demonstrators denouncing a proposed law to permit the extradition of SAR residents to the mainland to be tried in Chinese Communist courts — have entered their 12th week and…

Police Violently Repress Protests in Hong Kong, Leaving Pools of Blood Throughout the City

Hong Kong police escalated the use of violence against protesters this weekend, the tenth since protests against Communist Party influence in the city began, flooding closed-off areas with tear gas and, on one occasion, allegedly shooting a protester in the eye. The harrowing image of the young woman, yet to be identified, bleeding profusely from…
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