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Xi Jinping Returns from the Shadows to Pressure Hong Kong into Coronavirus Lockdown

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who has been rather quiet on the pandemic front since the supposedly vanquished Wuhan coronavirus began rampaging through Chinese cities again, on Wednesday gave “important instructions” to the nominally autonomous Hong Kong government to get its coronavirus outbreak under control. China’s state-run Global Times naturally portrayed this as grandfatherly Xi giving…

NBC Pushes Chinese Communist Propaganda As Olympics Get Underway

NBC opened its broadcast of the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing Thursday night, and the network has already been widely criticized for multiple instances of pushing a Chinese Communist Party line on political issues.Many Western governments, including the U.S., are conducting diplomatic boycotts of the games due to China’s human rights abuses across its territory,…

FACT CHECK: Did Navy SEALs Raid A Cargo Ship Full Of Smuggled Children?

A post shared on Facebook more than 500 times claims Navy SEALs raided a cargo ship full of smuggled children off the coast of Long Beach, California. Verdict: False There is no evidence Navy SEALs raided a cargo ship full of smuggled children off the coast of California. The claim originates from a website that…

“US always pursues its interests at others’ expense, even allies”, says Andrew Korybko

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice. “US always pursues its interests at others’ expense, even allies”, says Andrew Korybko Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Recently, the…

News: FlexClip Enables Businesses to Create Explainer Videos with Huge Impact | CitizenWire

FlexClip explainer video maker lets businesses express themselves creatively, effectively HONG KONG /CitizenWire/ -- In today's digital world, explainer videos have become extremely popular for their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. PearlMountain, a multimedia software development company founded in 2006, enables businesses to create engaging explainer videos with its FlexClip video creation…

News: FlexClip Expands Its Suite of Tools to Make Tutorial Videos in a Few...

FlexClip tutorial video maker is a fast and easy solution for how-to and step-by-step instruction videos HONG KONG /CitizenWire/ -- Millions of people around the world access tutorial videos to learn skills ranging from baking to mechanics. PearlMountain, a multimedia software development company launched in 2006, has expanded the functionality of its popular FlexClip video…

News: FlexClip Online Trailer Maker Is a One-Stop Solution for Captivating Video Trailers |...

Creating video trailers for movies, books, gaming, YouTube and other events is a breeze HONG KONG /CitizenWire/ -- PearlMountain, a multimedia software development company, has introduced a powerful trailer maker solution within its FlexClip video creation platform. With just a few clicks, anyone can craft captivating and professional trailers for any need. "The easy-to-use trailer…

China Compares Apple Daily Shutdown to Big Tech Blocking Parler

Chinese state media on Friday claimed the destruction of pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily in Hong Kong was no different than American tech companies colluding to shut down the social media platform Parler. It also compared the Apple Daily shutdown, preceded by hundreds of police officials raiding its offices, to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) taking…

Pro-Beijing Lawmaker: ‘Why Not?’ Have a Police State in Hong Kong

Pro-Beijing Hong Kong lawmaker Alice Mak said on Friday there is nothing wrong with the island becoming a “police state” because only authoritarian “discipline” can bring “security” after the massive protests of 2019. Mak made her remarks to defend the promotions of two key figures in the brutal crackdown against democracy over the past year,…

German politicians draw attention to the NGOs activities and get a stormy reaction

https://www.mideastdiscourse.com/2021/06/18/german-politicians-draw-attention-to-the-ngos-activities-and-get-a-stormy-reaction/ Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator A German political party has launched an inquiry into Germany’s refugee policy in light of the situation in Hong Kong, and the granting of asylum to activists and protesters. The reaction by some to the inquiry highlights how some NGOs are trying to interfere in German decisions. At…

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