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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

15-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized, 70-Year-Old Man Killed in Hong Kong Street Battles

A 15-year-old boy in Hong Kong is in critical condition after undergoing emergency brain surgery on Wednesday night after a blow to his head, most likely the impact of a tear gas canister fired by the police. A 70-year-old man died after spending the night in intensive care for a head injury from a brick…

Hong Kong Police Pepper-Spray Pregnant Woman, Drive Motorcycle into Crowd

A Hong Kong police officer was caught on video Tuesday repeatedly blasting a pregnant woman in the face with pepper spray for no apparent reason. Another police officer was suspended over a viral video from Monday that showed him deliberately ramming his motorcycle through a crowd of protesters. The video clip posted on Tuesday showed…

Hong Kong Police Shoot Protesters at Close Range

Hong Kong police fired both tear gas and live rounds at protesters on Monday. One of the protesters was hit in the chest or abdomen by a live bullet fired at point-blank range by a uniformed police officer, resulting in immediate public outrage and even more energetic protests. The Hong Kong Free Press described the…

Pod & Country Episode 1: Should The US Do More To Help The Hong...

Hong Kong won’t give up its fight for freedom, and Lisa Smiley, a former Chinese national, explains why America needs to stand up to China in Hong Kong. In her new show for the Daily Caller, Pod and Country, Smiley will seek to enlighten a new breed of conservatives who want to think deeper about…

WATCH: After Bending A Knee To The Communist Chinese, LeBron James Disrespects National Anthem

National Basketball Association (NBA) veteran and first team all-woke American LeBron James just can’t get it right. After a turbulent two weeks for the NBA, during which it embarrassingly groveled to and kissed the feet of the communist Chinese regime, James decided to skip the end of the National Anthem before the Los Angeles Lakers’…

Loomer Gets Fan Letter From Hong Kong Protestor

Our own Laura Loomer received a fan letter from “one of the Hong Kongers” Tuesday, thanking her and other right wingers for standing up against censorship and free speech. “I would like to acknowledge this letter to express my greatest gratitude to your dedication to fight for authentic free speech on the internet and off…

Tibetan Activists Join Hong Kong Protesters To Slam China At Brooklyn Nets Game

October 19, 2019 11:51 AM ET Tibetan rights activists joined Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters during a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors Friday night in New York City. The demonstrators were hoping to use the occasion to highlight China’s draconian response to the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests and the National Basketball Association’s…

PHOTOS: Hollywood Producer Buys 300 Tickets To NBA Game, Invitees Protest On Behalf Of...

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was proverbially dunked on Friday night when a Hollywood producer purchased 300 tickets to a game, and gave all 300 attendees t-shirts with pro-Hong Kong messaging to protest the league’s stance on Chinese affairs. “Producer and activist Andrew Duncan bought 300 tickets to tonight’s Nets vs Raptors game and is…

Blizzard Continues To Ban Pro-Hong Kong Statements On Twitch Streams

Blizzard, which runs an e-sports program called Hearthstone and is currently holding a worldwide gaming tour which it calls the Masters Tour, is banning pro-Hong Kong statements from its Twitch channel. “Viewers who type ‘Free Hong Kong’ during the Hearthstone Masters Tour will receive a 24-hour chat restriction from the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel,” Dot Esports said. “Dot Esports…

Apple CEO Tim Cook Met with China’s Market Regulator After Banning Hong Kong Protest...

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with China’s market regulator in Beijing shortly after banning the HKMap.live app, which was used to track police and protest activity in Hong Kong. Business Insider reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with China’s chief of market regulation just days after Apple removed the Hong Kong police activity…

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