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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Emmys Score Lowest Ratings In History For A Major Awards Show

Skip to content The show featured Jimmy Kimmel trying to make his post-cancellation comeback by getting screamed at and told to shout, “Black Lives Matter!” History made!From Mediaite, “Emmys Hit Lowest Ever Viewership For a Major Awards Show, Fail to Make a Dent Against Sunday Night Football, NBA Playoffs”:The 2020 Emmy Awards not only hit…

Jimmy Kimmel Gets FORCED To Recite ‘Black Lives Matter’ Onstage At The Emmys

Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel got publicly bossed around for being white during the awards show broadcast Sunday night, awkwardly going along with a Black Lives Matter-themed presentation by actor Anthony Anderson that crossed the line into anti-white racism.It appears that Kimmel was not prepared for Anderson’s racial diatribe, meekly trying to cut Anderson off based…

Chris Rock Blames Democrats For ‘Letting The Pandemic Come In’

Skip to content Says they were too obsessed with impeaching Trump Steve Watson | Infowars.com - September 17, 2020 Comments Hollywood Comedian Chris Rock squarely blamed Democrats for not being quick enough to quell the coronavirus pandemic earlier in the year, arguing that the party was too obsessed with trying to impeach President Trump.Rock made…

REPORT: Cardi B, Of ‘Wet Ass P-Word’ Fame, Files For Divorce After Her Husband...

Artist who promotes promiscuity is upset her husband is promiscuous Cardi B, the musical artist recently celebrated by some and derided by others for the release of her overtly sexual song, “WAP” or “Wet Ass P*ssy,” has filed for divorce from her husband, fellow artist Offset, saying that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and “there…

Report: Meghan Markle Plans Netflix Doc on ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter Founder

Skip to content The biopic would reportedly tell the story of BLM leader Patrisse Cullors, who has described herself and her other co-founders as “trained Marxists” The Duchess of Sussex, actress Meghan Markle, has reportedly pitched a documentary to Netflix on the life of the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, after signing a…

Nolte: 88% of Elite Film Critics Love ‘Cuties’ Compared to 3% of Audience

Skip to content As of right now, a full 88 percent of critics approve of Cuties, Netflix’s piece of soft-core child pornography As of right now, a full 88 percent of critics approve of Cuties, Netflix’s piece of soft-core child pornography, while only three percent of the audience agree.That’s not a typo.Three percent.Over the years, I’ve seen some wide gulfs…

Madden 21 to Feature Colin Kaepernick, Has Higher Rating than Half of NFL Starting...

Skip to content Only sixteen quarterbacks rate higher EA Sports, the video game company that makes Madden football, announced the return of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick on Tuesday. In addition, despite having not playing for more than three years, the company ranked him higher than half the starting quarterbacks in the league.Kaepernick was afforded…

Miami-Dade Labor Day Beachgoers, Businesses Could Face Fines for Mask Violations: ‘Mask Up or...

Skip to content Failure to comply with even the most basic face covering requirements could cost hundreds in fines Both individuals and businesses could face hefty fines for violating coronavirus restrictions in Miami-Dade as beachgoers flock to the coast for Labor Day.Officials in Miami-Dade, one of the areas of Florida hit hardest by the Chinese…

Gary Lineker is an Idiot

Skip to content Fish and chips exist so mass illegal immigration is good. A legal immigrant to the UK opened the first fish and chip shop nearly 200 years ago.This obviously means that mass illegal immigration is good and we should totally erase all border controls in 2020.Please share this video! https://youtu.be/5RZpVUFIxwwSUBSCRIBE on YouTube:Follow on…

Muzzle Masks For Dogs Now Available

A recently-released breathing mask for dogs is receiving increased attention amid the coronavirus panic, according to reports. A Kickstarter campaign for the K9 Mask, an innovation of the Good Air Team, was launched in 2019 amid pet owners’ concerns about air quality and wildfire smoke. “In the summer of 2017, fires across the United States…
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