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22 Migrants Rescued in California Wilderness near Border

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents rescued 22 migrants from California wilderness areas during a 24-hour period ending on Friday. The rescues followed the onset of bad weather in the area. At about noon on Friday, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department received a distress call from a migrant woman and her 16-year-old daughter. The mother…

Human Smuggler Drives Migrants into California After Cutting Border Wall

A cartel-connected human smuggler drove a large pickup truck loaded with 15 migrants into California from Mexico after cutting through a section of an old-technology border wall. Authorities arrested the human smuggler and the migrants following a short pursuit. The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon in Campo, California, when agents with U.S. Border Patrol…

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Migrants Apprehended, Smuggler Arrested at Texas Border

MADERO, Texas — Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended three Chinese migrants and arrested an alleged human smuggler immediately after the migrants crossed the border from Mexico. The incident occurred as Breitbart Texas joined McAllen Station riverine agents on a patrol of the Rio Grande. McAllen Station riverine agents took Breitbart Texas on…

11 Migrants Apprehended in Two Human Smuggling Attempts near Texas Border

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents teamed up with a CBP Air and Marine Operations (AMO) aircrew and the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop two human smuggling events. The traffic stops led to the arrest of 11 illegal immigrants and the seizure of two smuggling vehicles. McAllen Station Border Patrol agents received…

Texas Mother, Daughter Indicted in Fraudulent Migrant Family Scheme

A Del Rio Texas federal grand jury handed down indictments against a Texas mother and her daughter for their alleged roles in a fraudulent migrant family human smuggling scheme. The indictment claims the two women conspired to bring a two-year-old girl across the border with a U.S. birth certificate belonging to the woman’s actual child.…

REPORT: Migrant Apprehensions at Border in 2019 Hit 12-Year High

The apprehension of migrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry hit a 12-year high during Fiscal Year 2019, a report published over the weekend reveals. Unofficial numbers show the apprehension of more than 850,000 migrants during the just-ended fiscal year. Border Patrol agents apprehended a total of slightly more than 851,000 migrants…

WATCH: Large Group of Migrant Families Cross Arizona Border

A video released last week by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials captures the moments of a crossing for a large group of migrant families in the Arizona desert. Officials report spent more than 30 man-hours processing the group. A border surveillance camera operator captured images of a group of 81 migrants illegally crossing the…

14 Human Smugglers, 26 Migrants Arrested near Texas Border

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested 14 human smugglers and 26 migrants at interior immigration checkpoints and on roving patrols near the Texas border with Mexico. Agents apprehended 26 migrants and arrested 14 human smugglers in 10 separate human smuggling incidents over the weekend, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials said on Wednesday evening.…

GRAPHIC: 33 Migrants Found Dead in One Texas County This Year

The Brooks County Sheriff’s Office in southern Texas reported the recovery of three migrant bodies on ranches surrounding the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint on U.S. Highway 281 this week. The total number of migrant deaths in the county 80 miles from the Mexican border is now 33. Brooks County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers sent Deputy Robert…

GRAPHIC: Remains of Two Dead Migrants Found on Texas Ranches near Border

Brooks County Sheriff’s Office deputies recovered the remains of two dead migrants on South Texas ranches located about 80 miles from the Texas-Mexico border. The summer heat is taking its toll on migrants attempting to circumvent the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint with six deaths in August alone. Brooks County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers sent Deputy Robert…
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