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REPORT: Cartels Offer Cash To Young Americans Willing To Smuggle Illegal Immigrants

Cartels have been posting ads on social media, asking young Americans to help them smuggle illegal immigrants in exchange for money, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported Tuesday.The cartels use social media apps such as TikTok and WhatsApp to offer young people cash if they acted as drivers for migrants, according to Melugin. “They offer quick…

WATCH: 27 Migrants Rescued from Locked Railcars near Border in Texas

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a group of migrants locked inside a railcar in Eagle Pass, Texas. Border Patrol officials in the Del Rio and Laredo Sectors report increases in the use of trains to smuggle migrants. Union Pacific Railroad Police summoned Border Patrol agents to a freight yard in Eagle Pass, Texas,…

National Border Patrol Council Calls Out Biden’s Border Policies as Inhumane

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told reporters on Saturday that President Joe Biden’s border policies lead to the inhumane treatment of migrants. Texas Governor Greg Abbott invited Judd to speak on Saturday at a border security briefing held in Del Rio, Texas, alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Judd spoke on behalf of the…

EXCLUSIVE: Texas to Build Its Own Border Barriers, Says Governor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Breitbart Texas the State will immediately begin building border barriers in areas where migrants can easily cross the Rio Grande border with Mexico. The barriers will, in part, enable state law enforcement to arrest migrants for violations of state law. “The influx across the border is out of control, and…

180 Migrants Found in 3 Texas Stash Houses near Border

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 180 migrants in three human smuggling stash houses. The arrests came in raids on three residences in the Laredo, Texas, area within hours of each other on May 4. Laredo South Border Patrol Station agents and the Laredo Special Operations Detachment (SOD) teamed up with ICE Homeland…

Exclusive: Migrant ‘Got-Away’ Total Exceeds 185K this Year, Says Source

A law enforcement source within Customs and Border Protection says more than 185,000 migrants escaped Border Patrol apprehension so far this fiscal year. On average, more than 30,000 illegal aliens avoided capture in the last 22 days the source said. Breitbart Texas reported in mid-April, the “got-away” total exceeded more than 155,000 leaving Border Patrol…

AZ National Guard Head: There’s ‘Worldwide Marketing Campaign’ by Cartels to Smuggle People over...

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Arizona National Guard Adjutant General Michael McGuire stated that the amount of individuals who are not from Central or South America crossing the border illegally has led him to conclude that there is “a worldwide marketing campaign” to smuggle people across the border by cartels.…

Border State Cops in Mexico Rescue Migrants Kidnapped by Gulf Cartel

Authorities in the Mexican border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, rescued a group of migrants who were kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel. The cartel members held the migrants against their will while they extorted ransoms from their loved ones. The incident took place last week when Tamaulipas state authorities responded to a call to their 911…

9-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Drowns While Crossing Border into Texas

A nine-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande with her mother and three-year-old sibling. Agents revived the mother and smaller child. Del Rio Sector Marine Unit agents came upon a small island in the middle of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, on March 20. The agents found…

Two Texans Charged in Fatal Human Smuggling Crash in Texas near Border

Federal prosecutors in Del Rio, Texas, filed charges against two Texans in connection to a human smuggling attempt that ended with a fatal car crash. The crash occurred during a police pursuit that resulted in a rollover which killed one migrant and injured three more. On March 4, 2021, a Texas Department of Public Safety…

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