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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Selling Art to Anonymous Buyers Is Genius-Level Corruption

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), said on this week’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures” that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s sale of his art to anonymous buyers is “genius” in a very corrupt way. Partial transcript as follows: BARTIROMO: So, Peter, right now, Hunter is getting ready to sell art.…

Over 300,000 Sign Petition Demanding a Special Counsel to Investigate Biden Family Corruption

Over 300,000 people have signed a Judicial Watch petition asking a special counsel to be appointed to investigate alleged Biden family corruption following years of allegations of pay-for-play schemes and questions looming around Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China and his role on the board of the Ukrainian oligarch-owned energy company Burisma, particularly as his father…

Pinkerton: The Glaring Loopholes in Hunter Biden’s Art Deal – The White House Thinks...

If there’s a pipeline of big-money influence into the Biden White House, are we supposed to feel better if the exact nature of the flow within that pipeline is secret?   That’s the strange argument reportedly being made by lawyers for the 46th president, as they grapple with the fact that Hunter Biden plans to…

‘Daddi Warcrimes’: Activist Artist Detained For Vandalizing Hunter Biden Exhibit

Authorities arrested Rod Webber, an artist and documentary filmmaker, for vandalizing a New York City gallery exhibiting Hunter Biden’s artwork Friday. Webber filmed himself silently entering the George Burges Gallery where he began to spray paint the words “Daddi Warcrimes” on the gallery’s wall. A witness of the incident immediately detained Webber from behind, holding…

Making People Disappear — Part 2

Even before the lunatics cheated him out of re-election, there were those in the United States who wanted Americans and the world to forget Donald Trump. As if. No sooner had he entered the White House than Joe Biden – or whoever is pulling his strings – set about attempting to undo the Trump legacy.…

Making People Disappear — Part 1

If you aren’t familiar with that phrase, it is the title of a book published in the 1980s by the French TV producer Alain Joubert. Long before any of us had heard of cancel culture, governments, the media, and at times powerful pressure groups erased people from the public space, and from history. Of course,…

Charles Hurt: Proof Hunter Biden’s Scandals Far, Far, Far Worse Than Any of Trump’s

There is Bernie Madoff-level government corruption in Washington. There is Clinton Foundation-level grift in politics. And there is Anthony Weiner-level sleaze wherever the media, government, and politics collide. And then there is Hunter Biden. Seriously, what does Hunter Biden have to do to become a scandal around here? How about cheating on his wife and children to sleep with his dead brother’s widow?…

Pinkerton: Hunter Biden’s Latest Easy Money Gig Is Making ‘Art’ Every Lobbyist, Tycoon, and...

‘Art’ That Every Lobbyist, Tycoon, and Tyrant ‘Would Want a Piece Of’ Let’s admit it: Of all the ways that the son of a U.S. president might cash in on his family connection, we had never thought of having the presidential scion declare himself to be an artist, selling his artwork for sums of five…

Buyers of Hunter Biden’s Art Will Remain Anonymous, Sparking Pay-for-Play Concerns

Buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, which will be featured in an exhibition in New York later this year, will remain anonymous, furthering concerns of the potential for Biden family corruption, as the problem of money laundering in the art world remains an issue of concern. Georges Bergès, a Soho art dealer who reportedly has some ties to China, is…

NAACP Mum on Hunter Biden’s Use of the N-Word in Text Messages

ABC News The NAACP has refused to respond to requests made to its press office seeking comment on the revelation that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden used the N-word multiple times in text messages. Breitbart News asked the civil rights organization via email if it would comment on Hunter Biden’s text messages, but no…

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