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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ron Johnson: Biden’s DHS Frees 173K Border Crossers into U.S. in Six Months

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has freed about 173,000 border crossers into the United States, many without a Notice to Appear in immigration court, in the first half of the year, according to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). In testimony at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday, Johnson revealed that DHS…

Biden Official Orders Immigration Judges to Stop Using ‘Illegal Alien’ Term

President Joe Biden’s administration has ordered federal immigration judges to stop using the terms “alien” and “illegal alien” to describe illegal aliens living in the United States. On July 23, Acting Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Jean King, appointed by the Biden administration in January, issued a memo titled “Terminology” that orders…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Border Patrol Opens Gates to Hundreds of Migrants near West Texas Town

DEL RIO, Texas — On Monday morning, Border Patrol agents were once again met by hundreds of migrants walking to the fence after entering the United States illegally. The groups, mostly Haitian, numbered more than 300 in the early daylight hours. Mixed in were family units with small children and a significant number of single…

Biden DOJ Drops Charges Against China Military Members Accused of Lying to Get Jobs...

DOJ The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped charges against five members of the Chinese military whom federal prosecutors previously accused of lying to obtain visas to get jobs and a doctoral spot at United States universities. Late last week, prosecutors wrote in a court brief that they would be dropping their criminal cases against…

Biden’s DHS Cancels 31 Miles of Border Wall Construction Funded by Trump

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has canceled 31 miles of border wall construction set for Laredo, Texas, that was previously funded by Congress and former President Trump’s administration. On Friday, DHS officials announced that they were terminating two border wall construction projects concentrated in the Laredo region because it is “not necessary…

Report: ‘Mostly’ Single Male Border Crossers Bussed to Louisiana Cities

A group of “mostly” single male border crossers, along with some single women, were bussed into four Louisiana cities after being released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), local media reports. According to WAFB 9 News, border crossers were bussed to Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Natchez, and Monroe, Louisiana, after they were released by DHS…

Democrats Plan to Hide Amnesty Behind $10 Billion Border Project

Democrats are adding $10 billion to the pending $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill to help hide their huge amnesties from worried voters, according to a report in Axios. The extra money would provide Democrats with a $10 billion talking point to fend off criticism from local voters who recognize how an amnesty of roughly 8 million…

Contradictory Biden Wants both Amnesty and Wage Raises

Employers should pay higher wages in the labor shortage, and the government should cut the labor shortage by welcoming migrants, according to meandering and emotional answers given by President Joe Biden at a CNN town hall. “The way you raise wages for people at the bottom rungs of the job market is by letting fewer…

Kamala Harris Meets with ‘DREAMer’ Illegal Immigrants: ‘This Is Your Home’

Vice President Kamala Harris met with a group of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children at the White House on Thursday, promising to fight for amnesty for them. “I want to make clear to the DREAMers that are here, and to those who are watching from home,” she said, signaling emotion. “This…

Bernie Sanders: Democrats Will ‘Do the Best We Can’ to Slip Amnesty in Budget

Senate Democrats are trying as hard as possible to slip an expansive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens into a budget plan that would only need majority support and face no threat of the filibuster, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says. For months, Senate Democrats have eyed using the little-known reconciliation process to jam an amnesty…
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