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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Taliban overrunning Afghanistan… so what? [Video]

In rather breathless headlines, Fox News is trying to whip up sentiment about Joe the Imposter being a terrible president. Here is that headline: Pretty nifty, isn’t this? Aside from the fact that it was President Trump who was (very wisely) in the mind of pulling all American troops out of that country, simply because…

Biden Administration launches plan to KILL all American soldiers [Video]

Imposter Joe has apparently been co-opted to destroy the American military forces, clearing the way for China to launch a massive takeover of the world, because US forces simply will not be around to stop them in two to five years’ time. How is THAT for a lede? Hopefully, of course, it is not true,…

Obama “sophisticated” B’day okay, but Sturgis people are knuckledraggers [Video]

No doubt you have heard something at least about former President Barack Obama throwing a big bash for his own 60th birthday. The guest list was advertised last week as being about 700 of the “president’s friends” and then after the optics of this announcement were an utter PR fail, the “new” guest list was…

700,000 people call BS on COVID at Sturgis bike festival [Video]

It is too early to say that this is a national-level way of the citizens of the United States calling BS on the Biden / Harris / Fauci / CDC / Globalist “let’s get wimp”-a-thon, but it sure is encouraging. On Friday, the reported number of reported new COVID-19 cases was 254,981. This is the highest…

Viktor Orban: “Joe Biden is the thug” [Video]

The definition of “damned good television” is when you see and hear things you can instantly recognize as truth, especially when that truth has been hidden from you for as long as you can remember. Take the case of the nation of Hungary. Its reputation in the West has been something like the worst possible…

Joe is not just a wimpy Imposter, he is a huge LIAR [Video]

It is easy to feel sorry for Joe Biden. Feeble, mentally troubled, Mr. “my butt’s been wiped” has been something of an international spectacle as a fool and a puppet of people who are more in control of their mental faculties than he is. His feebleness makes him sort of likable in some ways, because,…

Biden and Harris are sinking in the polls. Especially Harris. [Video]

This is not tremendously new information, but the accompanying video shows an interesting trend about Kamala Harris in the weekly poll numbers. She has lost a great deal of favorability. Below are screen grabs showing approval polls for each week since she was installed in her post as “Vice President”. Note the trend: The movement…

Woke Team USA CRUSHED by Russia at Olympics [Video]

“Get woke, go broke.” This saying is well known by now among many of my readers, who are certainly very familiar with Patriotic Conservatism, be it know by “MAGA” or “Trump Conservative” or “Christian” or many other names. Who would have thought that being woke also means you are weak, wimpy, wussy, and otherwise utterly…

Statists jab your kids in secret in DC while Soros and Gates buy COVID...

This headline / subheadline pair certainly do read like the Mother of all Conspiracy Theories. Two foul tastes that together may lead to subservience of billions of people, and the elimination of those pesky Christians… right? As such an evil conspiracy is clearly beyond the reaches of reality, then, one must dismiss this piece out…

White House openly collaborating with Facebook to censor free speech [Video]

This is outrageous, and also clever, since Congress made no laws concerning the freedom of the press by Seraphim Hanisch July 17, 2021 275 Views 5 Votes 2 Comments The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, openly declared that the Chief Executive’s office is collaborating with Facebook to censor COVID-19 dissenters on that…

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