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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

FACT CHECK: Does Donald Trump ‘Own Half Of Moderna’?

A viral Instagram post claims former President Donald Trump “owns half of Moderna.” Verdict: False U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings for Moderna and Trump’s most recent financial disclosure show he does not own 50 percent of Moderna. A spokesperson for Moderna also refuted the claim. Fact Check: Moderna Inc., a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company,…

FACT CHECK: Is Any Death That Occurs Within 20 Days Of A Positive COVID-19...

An image shared on Instagram claims any death that occurs within 20 days of a positive COVID-19 test result is counted as a COVID-19 death. Instagram/Screenshot Verdict: False There is no indication that deaths that occur within 20 days of a positive test are automatically classified as COVID-19 deaths; neither the Centers for Disease Control…

BLM Co-Founder Calls for ‘Abolished’ Criminal Justice System After Floyd, Bryant Deaths

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors posted a video to her Instagram page Thursday saying people must “fight” for an “abolished” criminal justice system after the murder of George Floyd and police-involved shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant. She did say that the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd was a…

Tiger Woods Posts Health Update, Appears To Be In High Spirits

April 24, 2021 7:59 AM ET Tiger Woods gave fans a health update late Friday afternoon. The legendary golfer was involved in a serious car crash in late February, and he suffered extensive damage to one of his legs. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football) pic.twitter.com/vZitnFV0YA — Tiger Woods…

‘I Write My Posts’: Britney Spears Shuts Down Claim She Doesn’t Control Social Media...

Britney Spears broke her silence and shut down claims she doesn’t control her social media account or write her own posts. “No, I’m not talking to him at all,” the 39-year-old pop singer told TMZ in a piece published Friday when asked about comments made by her former makeup artist Billy Brasfield. (RELATED: Britney Spears’…

New York Model Devin Olson Wins Day With White And Black Bikini Shots

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter New York model Devin Olson hands down won the day after pictures surfaced of her in a bikini while at the beach in Los Angeles. Devin Olson, Los Angeles, CA. (Photo credit: SplashNews.com ) Devin Olson, Los Angeles, CA. (Photo credit: SplashNews.com ) Devin Olson, Los Angeles, CA.(Photo credit: SplashNews.com…

Billie Eilish’s Blonde Hair Is Creating Quite A Stir

March 17, 2021 6:23 PM ET Billie Eilish definitely turned heads Wednesday when she debuted her new look as a blonde in a clip on Instagram. The 19-year-old pop singer didn’t explain a whole lot while rocking a new platinum blonde shag after ditching her signature neon green and black locks. She captioned her post…

Male Beauty YouTuber Poses As Nude Pregnant Woman, Attempts To Experience ’24 Hours Being...

A 21-year-old male beauty vlogger posted photos depicting himself as a nude pregnant woman as part of experiencing “24 hours being pregnant.” Youtuber James Charles posted photographs on social media depicting him as a nude pregnant woman kneeling on the ground, resembling pregnancy photos taken by singers Beyonce and Halsey. The photographs teased a video…

Wisconsin Drops Awesome Football Video Looking Ahead To The 2021 Season

January 12, 2021 5:03 PM ET The Wisconsin Badgers look ready for the 2021 season. The Badgers dropped a video Tuesday afternoon highlighting the insane struggles of the past year and painting a bright picture of the future. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football) Give it a watch below.…

WILFORD: FTC, State Suit Against Facebook Threatens Future Innovation

Earlier this December, the Federal Trade Commission and 48 state attorneys general launched an antitrust suit against Facebook over its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014, respectively. In doing so, they risk expanding antitrust enforcement into unprecedented areas. The core of the case is the allegation that Facebook’s acquisitions negatively impacted competition…

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