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Thursday, June 30, 2022

BBC Journalist Martin Bashir Hits Back At Prince Harry For Blaming Diana’s Death On...

Former BBC journalist Martin Bashir pushed back Sunday against Prince Harry’s claims linking the unethical practices he used to acquire the famous interview with Princess Diana’s death, according to France 24. Bashir interviewed Princess Diana in 1995, but independent investigation found he used “deceitful behavior” to obtain the interview. He also went against the BBC’s…

Fr Peter Heers discusses Elder St Paisios’ vaccine prophecy [Video]

A great deal of argument or disagreement currently swirls around regarding COVID-19 and the array of vaccines used for it, as well as the array of treatments. One of my previous reports on this, featuring Dr Ryan Cole, is really making waves: Facebook hides the piece from viewers, trying to head them off any way…

“This Is For You, Dad”: Interview With An Anonymous GameStop Investor

Thursday, January 21st was a critical day in the story of the video game chain GameStop (ticker name: GME). Retail investors, including many subscribers to a Reddit forum called wallstreetbets, pushed the company’s stock from $6 to $43.03, but experts said playtime was over. It was time for the big shots to clean up.According to…

Chris Wallace accomplishes a Fake News Fail with Trump interview [Video]

On July 19th, 2020, Fox News’ reporter Chris Wallace was granted a no-holds-barred, nothing-is-off-the-table, and highly praised interview with President Trump. The edited video of this interview is available at the end of this piece. The interview is interesting because it highlights the main thrust of what has come to be called the “fake news…

EXCLUSIVE: The Daily Caller Interviews Ted Cruz And Michael Knowles On China, BLM And...

The Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese interviewed Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and political commentator Michael Knowles on the senator’s podcast, Verdict.

COVID Orthodox Church closures part IV – Concluding thoughts

We hope that this series was helpful in shining some detailed and critical light on the matter of church closures, particularly in the various Eastern Orthodox Christian national churches in the United States and around the world. We looked at the historical precedents in Christianity that show the Church trying tirelessly to help her people.…

David Icke and E. Michael Jones on Infowars

Something’s strange on Infowars. In the last week, Alex Jones chose to entertain view points critical of Zionist policies [domestic and foreign], especially with regard to Globalism, albeit Jones never failed to remind his viewers that he’s pro-Israel. On November 30th, Jones interviewed American writer, media commentator, and editor of Culture Wars Magazine E. Michael…
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