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Sunday, January 24, 2021

$52 Billion in Missed Rent May Push Retail Sector Over the Edge! Historic Losses

source Each sector has felt the Crisis of 2020 differently, that’s for sure. Retail has taken a huge hit, there’s no doubt and as a result, the data is piling up and won’t stop. We have seen such a massive injection of capital into the system but it won’t do any good. This sector was…

Largest Debt Buildup in History Has Created the Major Crisis for 2021 as Economy...

source Economic turmoil has ensued and today we see nothing but chaos. Nothing makes sense. Nothing can be explained. There are lineups for hours to get food. But for those who are employed and now fall into the 401k millionaire status, they’re unable to see what’s around them. There are always haves and have nots.…

Stock Market Goes BERSERK! Countless Indicators Flash Major Warning Signals

source The market has seen such an incredible rise and now we are in la la land. There is nothing stopping this market. Bad news, ignored. Economic meltdown, ignored. Systematic degradation of the financial system, ignored. All that’s important is the Fed. When you wake up in the morning, the Fed did that. Sun came…

China Joins World’s Largest Trading Bloc, U.S. EXCLUDED! Reserve Currency Status Remain?

source An empire never falls from the outside in. It’s from the inside out. Today we see what happens when a small handful of people who are capable of causing havoc will do. More and more economic weakness will come and it’s all manufactured. The system of control is defined and required. They print as…

Watch Commercial Real Estate Failures To See The Financial Crisis Part 2 Unravel!

source In 2008, the world stopped spinning. Everything was out of control. The financial system was beyond weak. Central banks went into territory they never would have dreamed. Today, we are in the same places, navigating through unknown to the masses. This will not end well. Ignorance is not bliss. Hotel Brands Report Major Losses…

Mass Store Closures Will Lead To Uncontainable Debt Spiral! Retail and Office Biggest Risks

source As stores continue to close, industries finding themselves shuttered in the dark, some assets are rising to record highs. There is a very unsettling feeling that is visible in various indicators and that corresponds to the obvious and [the] apparent. Just look out your window as you move through the city center. It’s strange.…

The Stock Market Would Be HALF If Not For the Fed! Economic Collapse Brings...

source It is absolutely never a good thing when markets ignore reality. They can do so in the day to day noise. But prolonged issues should be reflected in the markets. That’s a historical fact. However, because of what former Fed president Bill Dudley said, the stock markets are being juiced up by easy money.…

Warren Buffett Just Bet Big! RECORD LEVEL Stock Repurchases as Markets Near Highest Ever

source The [investing] world has ignored Warren Buffett for his lack of mega purchases throughout 2020 and even beforehand. There is a desire to always buy more, no matter what the conditions are. Buffett’s philosophy is one of patience. Only buy a stock when it makes sense [and] for the most part, Charlie and Warren…

Last Time THIS Happened To Stocks, Market Dropped 20%!

source The Federal Reserve may need to step it up. With the next round of trillions in stimulus from the government delayed until further notice, the economy will desperately need a boost since it can’t do so on its own. And what’s the best way to boost a very sick and weak economy? By buying…

This is the Tipping Point! Economic Meltdown of Bankruptcy, Job Loss, and the Inevitable...

source While many are distracted by everything in the media, the real powers are maintaining their control over the system. The Financial Crisis should have taught everyone a lifelong lesson. The central banks do whatever they want, when they want. Oddly, there has been a suggestion that the Federal Reserve has been overtaken when it…
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