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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Schiff’s BFF Ukrainian Igor Pasternak Has Been Advising U.S. On Ukraine For Decades

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is one of the most corrupt people to ever take office in modern history. He made his mark and career by trying a former FBI agent for the THIRD time and successfully finding him guilty of being a double agent. This win secured him a seat in as a state legislator…

Proof That Auditing Election Machines Cannot Detect Manipulation Of Votes

Serious fraud concerns were recently raised during the gubernatorial elections in the state of Kentucky. People who don’t have the right to vote were registered as Democrats, people voted in the name of other people, ballots were being shuffled and couriered around, as well as the revelation that the OWNER of Harp Enterprises that runs…

High Profile ‘Kidnapping’, ISIS Leader Arrested In Ukraine Bust, Suspected Links To Yovanovich, Biden,...

As the circus unfolds in Washington D.C., in what seems to be an attempt to cover up what the previous administration(s) have been doing in Ukraine, an ISIS leader is arrested, a high profile “kidnapping” takes place, resurrection of a bloody ISIS raid in Georgia linked to an apartment that was paid for by the…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO TESTIMONY: KY Election Fraud – Who Voted In His Name?

Loomered.com received exclusive video overnight from a Florida college student who was recently made aware that someone voted in his name in the controversial November 5th, 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial election. Jake Burd, a native of Louisville, Kentucky received a text from his mother while in a 4 p.m. class in Tampa, Florida asking if he…

Is The Donald’s Trump Card Secretary Ross?

Over the past couple of months we have reported on the most probable money laundering bank for the Democrats. In fact, everything that aligns with the DNC, their NGO “causes,” Soros, Soros “causes,” and more bank with Amalgamated Bank. Amalgamated Bank is almost EXCLUSIVELY the bank for all labor unions’ DEPOSITORY ACCOUNTS in the USA…

SDNY | Just Made Sure House Democrats Can’t Hide Facts On UKRAINE

Today the FAKE NEWS mainstream media (MSM) are parading around “Two business associates of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani have been arrested on campaign finance charges” as if this a something burger. It’s a nothing burger and obviously a trap they walked right into it. According to the indictment, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman have…

EXCLUSIVE: The New BCCI? Democrats Party Exclusive Bank

BCCI 2.0? During our investigation into Epstein’s money, we stumbled upon a bank that seems to be almost identical in operation, obfuscation, and clientele as the notorious BCCI that was chaired by Clark Clifford. Clifford has also worn hats such as National Security Adviser to Truman, White House Counsel, Chairman of Intelligence Advisory Board, and…

CrowdStrike Strikes Again: Faux Impeachment To Force Discovery

Faux impeachment is a last ditch effort by the Democrats that they believe will back the Trump administration up against the wall, forcing them to reveal ongoing criminal investigations and grand jury hearings to justify their transnational corroboration. They have to do better than that. American voters are not that daft and President Trump loathes…

Daniel Jones’ Fingerprints All Over “Whistleblower” Complaint, But Why Now?

The only way to defeat any potential or existing enemy is to follow the long standing mantra “Know thy enemy.” This whistleblower complaint is written, formatted and demonstrates previous documents, reports and even FISA warrant corroboration reports that Daniel J. Jones has authored. If you were to ask me, I’d say PQG (Penn Quarterly Group)…

Sleeper Jihadis In America| American Airlines Mechanic Suspected Of Terror Plot By Coworkers For...

Haley Kennington and Tore collaborated on this report. Friday September 6, 2019 news broke that 60-year-old Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was arrested and an indictment is expected to be returned by a Grand Jury for tampering with the navigation system of an American Airlines aircraft. On July 17, 2019 flight 2834 from Miami to Nassau,…
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