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Thursday, August 18, 2022

UK, Australia, NZ – MASSIVE Currency Devaluation and the Downside Effects on Real Estate!

source As the economy erodes, governments are trying to fill the void. They can do this by creating work. Infrastructure. Bridges to nowhere. Ghost cities. If they want to simply maintain the current standards and have only the elite class feel any benefits, they print money. Public works and unnecessary activity is obviously not beneficial…

Dollar System is Failing as Fed Balance Sheet Hits Record High! QE Can’t Fix...

source Jeffrey Gundlach said “You ain’t seen nothing yet” when referencing what’s coming for America and really, that’s applicable to the whole world at this time. With the economic conditions continuously worsening, there has been additional pressure on stimulus. The Fed has pushed back against calls for more. Their balance sheet is already at $7…

$20 Trillion Stimulus in 2020 Didn’t Work! Will Fed Do Helicopter Money To Save...

source There is one very consistent trend that has been very loud in the media, lots of stimulus measures. We know that. But there’s an underlying, almost silent trend. Jobs going away and never coming back. We’re always told that the middle class will be better off, next year, next 5 years, 10 years and…

REAL Wages Decline as Economy Worsens Despite Stimulus! Store Closures, Jobs Cuts

source There have been considerable changes in 2020, just from a year ago. We have watched the markets fall and rise. Many have wondered what tomorrow will bring. More questions than answers. More uncertainty. More volatility. But one [thing] is for certain, our currency will lose value against real goods thanks to reckless policies, designed…

Is the Economy RECOVERING or COLLAPSING? This Makes It Very Obvious.

source Today more than ever before we have more uncertainty, more danger, and more risk being taken. Governments have decided that they are going to intervene at record levels often helping out their friends, their colleagues, and the revolving door of business and government to ensure that their grip does not lighten up. Big changes…

Why the Global Economy CAN’T Recover! More Job Cuts, Recession, and Rapidly Growing Debt

source This is the global economic rot. A world in which most cannot escape. There has been an attempted rescue of the financial system from the Repo actions of the Fed, the excessive money printing, and on the economic side, we watch as governments go further and further into debt to try and fill the…

Vatican Bank Says It Holds No Investments in Fossil Fuels

ROME — The director general of the Vatican bank, Gian Franco Mammì, confirmed this week that the institution holds no investments in the fossil fuel industry, apparently in response to challenges from climate change activists. Mr. Mammì told the U.S.-based National Catholic Reporter that the Vatican bank follows the same practices as other European banking institutions,…

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