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Thursday, June 30, 2022
investors-quickly-dump us-listed-firms-that-do-business in-china 

Investors Quickly Dump US-Listed Firms That Do Business In China 

Fathom's China Exposure Index (CEI) measures the performance of US-listed firms that do business in China relative to that of their peers. Since the beginning of April, CEI has declined sharply amid China's credit growth moderating, Beijing's crackdown on Alibaba founder Jack Ma, and escalating tensions between the US and China. Firms in the CEI derive between 15% and 85%…

“Investors Are On Their Own” – BofA Says Fed Won’t Intervene On Rates, Fears...

While hedge fund honchos David Tepper and Kyle Bass were adamant yesterday that, as we have previously explains, The Fed/US Government duopoly cannot afford to allow rates to rise too much further and overseas demand for what are now extremely 'cheap' USTs will stall any ongoing selloff (suggesting stability is coming for rates), BofA's Fixed…

Investors Agree To Partial 5 Year Lock-Up As They Hand Another $2.5 Billion To...

Back in 2014, we speculated that as the market rose ever higher on ever lower liquidity and ever more central bank intervention, if and when the moment came that price discovery was permitted again, the avalanche of selling would be unstoppable and the entire market would be halted indefinitely, very much as what happened to…

Equity Investors Are Betting On Fiscal Stimulus: Few Remember The Clinton U-turn Of 1992

Submitted by Joseph Carson, former chief economist of Alliance Bernstein Equity investors think they are in a win-win position, regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election. Most believe that Congress and the Administration will agree to another round of fiscal stimulus before the election on November 3. And in the case that doesn’t pan…

Rich Investors Take “Cautious” Approach To Markets Over Next 12 Months 

By now, it is common knowledge that technology stocks, the FAAMGs, are in one of the biggest bubbles in capital markets history. Investors have quickly pivoted to these fast-growing tech firms, with an unprecedented concentration in AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL, and FB. With the US presidential election fast-approaching, momentum and valuation concerns have materialized for these high-flying stocks, as the world's most sophisticated family…

Exclusive– Expert: EB-5 Visas Benefiting China’s Elite ‘Should Be Last Priority’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Issuing EB-5 investor visas, which primarily benefit Chinese nationals, “should be the last priority” of the United States federal government in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan says. Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order slowing green card processing for some foreign nationals trying…

Nomura: Investors Are Finally Considering A “Previously Unthinkable Scenario”

When discussing the potential catalysts for yesterday's furious market selloff, we pointed out the sharp dropoff in dealer gamma following Friday's op-ex which opened a "trapdoor" lower in stocks now that the gamma buffer was gone... ... coupled with the likely liquidation among asset managers whose SPX futures positioning had reached an all time high,…

By One Measure, Investors Have Never Been More Worried About The Future

In reaction to the deteriorating global economic outlook and rising risks to the world economy, central banks around the world have unleashed a coordinated dovish effort to boost growth. And while there is little evidence so far that CBs have successfully stimulated the real economy, their actions have contributed to supporting asset prices and suppressing…
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