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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Democrat Impeachment Witness Noah Feldman Wrote Of ‘Humane’ Sharia Law And ISIS-Led ‘Utopia’

The Democrats had a much-hyped witness testify before Congress yesterday in favor of the impeachment of President Donald Trump. That witness, was Noah Feldman, who besides perjuring himself before Congress, has written what’s been called a ‘glowing defense’ of Shariah law. “Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the…

Omar Trip To Burkina Faso Triggers Slaughter Of Christians | 14 Dead In Recent...

On Ilhan Omar’s alleged birthday she filed for divorce while visiting Burkina Faso in Africa. During the Christian massacre this Sunday, a Muslim resident of the bordertown where the deadly attack happened referred to Omar’s recent visit while justifying the slaughter. Her Africa hopping trip was filled with anti-Christian rhetoric and secret meetings with Qatar,…

Student Arrested For Providing Cyber Support For ISIS

It is a well known fact that social media is now considered to be one of the most widely used platforms for communication across the planet, while ISIS is funded with illicit sales of energy products and weapons. ISIS supporters send money, weapons, and any other items they require to operate. On November 18, 2019,…

FBI Bust Chicago Gang Leader Conspiring To Aid ISIS

Law enforcement officials apprehended the leader of a street gang in Chicago Thursday after discovering the Islamic convert, who became radicalized in prison, was conspiring with Islamic State militants in Syria. According to a 27-page criminal complaint and affidavit unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Chicago, Jason Brown, also known as “Abul Ja’Me,” was…

Radical Islamist Linda Sarsour And Known Terrorist Group Celebrate As 26 Muslims Win Various...

Peter M. D'Abrosca Posted On November 13, 2019 The who’s who of radical Islamists is celebrating after 26 Muslim candidates won various elections nationwide in November, bringing this year’s total to 34. That figure is attributed to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) itself listed as a terror organization in the United Arab Emirates. “These…

Somali Clan Gangs Claim Minneapolis Territory And Kill To Defend It

Immediately following the rapid intake and resettling of Somalian refugees, crime in Minneapolis spiked. Abuse of government funding, murders, theft, and a variety of public menacing strongly correlate to predominantly Somali neighborhoods. Those arriving from Somalia are accustomed to gang related behavior since culturally tribal behavior is prevalent between clans. Fights and even murder in…

JIHAD? Woman Arrested For Killing One In Charlotte Car Ramming, Media Ignores

The driver who plowed her car into five people in an Aldi parking lot in a Charlotte suburb might be an Islamic extremist – but don’t expect the media to get to the bottom of it. “Authorities say the killing of a 79-year-old pedestrian in an Aldi parking lot in Matthews was intentional, and police…

ISIS Has A New Recruitment Tool: Chinese-Owned TikTok

The Islamic State was reportedly using Chinese-owned TikTok for recruitment purposes – until the country and company got serious about fighting radical Islamic terrorism and banned several radical users from the application. “The Wall Street Journal says social media monitoring agency Storyful recently identified around two dozen ISIS-related accounts, all of which have since been removed. The…

Heitkamp Talk Of Hanging The President, Larsen Criticizes Ilhan Omar, Guess Who Is Crucified?

In the past weeks Project Veritas has exposed rabid bias against President Trump and American citizens that support him. The level of explicit bias is evident not only on a national media platform, but local too! The state of North Dakota is predominantly Republican and support President Trump with an overwhelming 70% approval rating. Former…

Secretary Mnuchin Hasn’t Implemented E.O. 13894 In New Jersey And That’s A Problem

On October 14, 2019, while the media distracted the world with rubbish and FAKE news and subsequently fake wars in Kentucky, the President of the United States issued an executive order that has been peddled under the umbrella of sanction, but in actual fact, it’s cracking down on subversive assets and persons of the Muslim…
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