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The Jihadist Threat in America, Part One: Who is Mohammad?

In this three-part discussion, I plan to inform you about one of the most severe threats currently facing the United States – namely, Islam. I will take you from the beginning of the Prophet Mohammad’s establishment of the religion to the current rising attacks by jihadists in America. Lastly, I will discuss what our federal…

EXCLUSIVE: Radical Muslim Progressive Running to be Manhattan District Attorney

Tahanie Aboushi, a Sharia compliant Muslim woman has announced her candidacy for District Attorney of Manhattan, New York for the June 21 Primary election. Manhattan has had 4 DAs in the last century, all of whom contributed to the mass incarceration & criminalization of people of color. It's time for change. I am running to…

San Francisco State University Makes Second Attempt to Host Notorious Terrorist, Leila Khaled. Their...

Angela Van Der Pluym Posted On April 15, 2021 San Francisco State University planned to host a webinar entitled, “Whose Narratives? What Free Speech for Palestine?” This webinar was going to be the University’s second attempt to hold known terrorist Leila Khaled. SFSU tried to host the radical Islamist back in September but each platform…

EXCLUSIVE: Vehicular Jihad Attack At The Capitol on Passover and Good Friday

Latest Update: Noah Green, 25 year old black male from Indiana, was a follower of Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the leader of a terrorist organization known as the Nation of Islam, and a black supremacist. Many with this extremist ideology have a deep rooted hate for Christians and Jews alike. They are no fans of…

Islamic Terrorists Have More Access To Guns and Social Media In Joe Biden’s America...

In Joe Biden’s America, known Islamic terrorists now have more access to purchase firearms and use social media than outspoken conservative journalists.  In the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Boulder, Colorado last week, it has since been revealed that the shooter, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was able to legally purchase a firearm on March 16th,  just six days before…

Radical Islam Takes Hold in Florida, While Joe Biden Reverses Trump’s Travel Ban and...

With the new Biden administration ‘s quick decisions to reverse the policies of his predecessor, President Donald J. Trump , we are seeing the disastrous effects play out in real time at the expense of our national security and the safety of American citizens. On Monday, an Islamic terrorist with ties to ISIS carried out…

Jihad in Boulder: Everything You Need To Know

UTT Initial Report: Boulder Colorado Shooting on 3/22/21 11:30 PM CST 3/23/21, By: John Guandolo This report is published by Understanding the Threat (UTT) and UTT gives permission for other outlets to reproduce this material for the benefit and security of the American people. Attack: 10 people were shot and killed at the King Soopers…

EXCLUSIVE: Colorado ISIS Terrorist Targeted Jews At Kosher Market The Week Of Passover

Illoominate Media has exclusively learned that Ahmad al-Issa, the ISIS inspired Islamic terrorist who killed 10 people in an attack on Monday, perpetrated his targeted attack on King Soopers, a kosher friendly supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. King Soopers is known by Jews as a place where they can purchase their food easily due to their…

Biden Appoints Terror Tied Muslim To Top National Security Council Role

A full two weeks hasn’t even passed since Joe Biden was inaugurated, yet he has already endangered the entire nation by appointing a terror tied Palestinian Muslim, Maher Bitar, to the position of Senior Director for Intelligence at the National Security Council. Bitar has a long history of terror associations, dating back to his time…

EXCLUSIVE: Jihadist Shooter At Corpus Christi Naval Base Studied At Saudi Arabian ‘College Of...

Laura Loomer Posted On May 21, 2020 On Thursday May 21, 2020 authorities say an Islamic terrorist opened fire at a Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. The suspect, who was killed at the scene of the attack has been identified as “Arab male” Adam Salim Alsahli. Authorities say the shooting began around 6:15…

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