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Friday, October 30, 2020

Bahrain to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel – [Video]

Bahrain will normalize relations with the State of Israel. This was announced on Friday, September 11th, and here, we can see and hear President Trump discussing it. Only four weeks ago, the United Arab Emirates normalized their relations with the Jewish state. The UAE event and the more recent normalization of relations between formerly warring…

Biden Is ‘Endorsing And Enforcing Sharia Vigilantism,’ Hoover Institute Fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tells...

August 11, 2020 11:10 PM ET Hoover Institution Fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali said Tuesday that Joe Biden was “endorsing and enforcing Sharia vigilantism” in a recent speech that the former vice president made in support of Islam. In the speech, delivered online for Emgage Action’s virtual “Million Muslim Votes Summit,” presumptive Democratic nominee Biden expressed his…

China to Demolish Muslim Cemetery in Heart of Uyghur Capital

Radio Free Asia (RFA) revealed on Thursday that Chinese officials in Xinjiang have begun proceedings to destroy yet another Uyghur cemetery in the heart of the Uyghur homeland, Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi. Reports throughout the past year have revealed a campaign of unearthing the remains of Uyghur families, often destroying them while leveling entire cemeteries. Some…

EXCLUSIVE: Jihadist Shooter At Corpus Christi Naval Base Studied At Saudi Arabian ‘College Of...

Laura Loomer Posted On May 21, 2020 On Thursday May 21, 2020 authorities say an Islamic terrorist opened fire at a Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. The suspect, who was killed at the scene of the attack has been identified as “Arab male” Adam Salim Alsahli. Authorities say the shooting began around 6:15…

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show People In New Zealand Singing The Names Of...

6:56 PM 05/04/2020Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows people of various religions singing the names of God in Arabic in New Zealand during the coronavirus pandemic. Verdict: False The video shows portions of a concert in Turkey in 2011. Fact Check: In the video, people of various religious…

“Iranian Regime Wants an IMF Loan: How About Regime Change Instead?”

Clare M. Lopez, 20 April 2020     One might be excused for wondering why the Iranian regime is pressing the International Monetary Fund (IMF), headquartered in Washington DC, to give Tehran an emergency $5 billion loan. Hardship, says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani—and the urgent need to fight the coronavirus pandemic. But the mullahs’ regime in fact…

Jeff Goldblum Faces Backlash for Questioning the ‘Anti-Homosexuality and Anti-Woman’ Nature of Islam

Jeff Goldblum is facing left-wing backlash on social media after the actor questioned the “anti-homosexuality and anti-woman” nature of Islam while serving as a guest judge on VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Jurassic Park star made the comments during Friday’s episode in which contestants created patriotic drag wear for a “Stars & Stripes”-themed runway show.…

Are the COVID related Church closures a mistake? – Part I

One of the most peculiar characteristics of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on all of us is the massive campaign of social distancing that has led to the closures of churches or “skeleton crew” Christian religious services currently being practiced all across the world. At first when churches began closing in Washington State, they…

Airline Boss: Airport Checks Should Focus on Muslim Men – ‘That Is Where the...

Budget airline boss Michael O’Leary has come under fire from Muslim groups and politicians for suggesting airport security checks should focus on lone Muslim men rather than families with children “because that is where the threat is coming from”. “Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males travelling on their own,” said…

Is the US ready for ‘saint’ Pete to be president? This is the wrong...

It seems that for at least a year, the newsies were afraid to say anything about this. Now some prominent people are beginning to, and any reasonable Christian person can only say, “thank God” for even the weak level of questioning that is going on. The topic concerns one Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor…
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