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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Pope Francis Cites Fictional French Epic to Prove Christians Are Violent

ROME — Pope Francis trotted out a scene from the 11th-century French epic poem La Chanson de Roland this week to prove Christians have tried to convert Muslims by the sword, just as Muslims have done to Christians. “A scene from The Song of Roland comes to me as a symbol, when the Christians defeat…

Trump’s “impeachable offense” is wanting to get along with Russia (Video)

Finally, we now know why the Democrats and the Deep State and the Establishment in the US government want to get rid of President Donald Trump. He wants to get along with Russia. Tucker Carlson lays it out using the statements laid out in the first public hearing of the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry. This…

Poll: 61 Per Cent of French Say Islam ‘Incompatible’ with Society

An Ifop survey has discovered that nearly two-thirds of French people, or 61 per cent, believe that Islam is “incompatible with the values of French society”. The results are an eight per cent increase compared to a previous study released in February of last year and reflect growing concerns of the impact of religion in…

Pentagon: ISIS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Remains ‘Appropriately’ Handled

The Pentagon confirmed Monday that the Islamic State terror chief’s remains were disposed of “appropriately” after his suicide to prevent capture this weekend. The rumored “burial at sea” was likely a significant departure from the Islamic burial al-Baghdadi would have preferred. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley told reporters, “Baghdadi’s remains were transported…

PHOTOS: Muslims Make Jewish Boy In Australia Kiss Feet After Threat Of Beating

A startling case of anti-Semitism has come to light in Australia, where amid rising concerns of anti-Jewish sentiments across the nation, a group of young Muslim boys forced a Jewish boy to prostrate himself and kiss the feet of one of the Muslims. “It reportedly began when a 12-year-old Jewish boy from Cheltenham Secondary College…

UK: No Charges for Muslim Taxi Driver Who Threatened to Sodomise Christian Converts in...

British police have announced they take no action against a Muslim taxi driver who threatened “any mother f**ker wants to convert to f**king Christianity, we’re both gonna f**k you up the a**e” in a viral video. 41-year-old Zaheer Hussain shot the video, which went viral in December 2018, alongside a laughing companion in a car…

Woke Burger King Panders to Muslims After Encouraging Violence Against Conservatives

In its latest showing of wokeness, Burger King in South Africa has decided to pander to Muslims by dropping the word “ham” from “hamburger” on their menu. What was previously known as a “Double Spicy Hamburger” will now just be a ‘Double Spicy Burger’; the ‘Triple Hamburger with Cheese’ becomes the ‘Triple Burger with Cheese’,…

Queens Women Plead Guilty to Planning Islamic Terror Attacks

Earlier today, at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas, both citizens of the United States and residents of Queens, pleaded guilty to teaching and distributing information pertaining to the making and use of an explosive, destructive device, and weapon of mass destruction, intending that it be used to commit a federal…

Pennsylvania Governor Converts To Islam? Spotted Praising Allah

Photographs of Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Tom Wolf indicate the lawmaker who has been accused of being “Christianphobic” has converted to Islam. The Quran prohibits non-Muslims from praying  in the ranks of other Muslims or their own. “It is required that one converts to Islam before he prays, then to purify himself, and then fulfill the…

UK Police On Manhunt For Suspect Who Joked About A Muslim

Law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom are reportedly seeking the arrest of a man wanted for allegedly insulting a Muslim with a “racist slur.” The suspect and the Islamic supporter were waiting in line outside of Salford City’s Peninsula Stadium to purchase tickets for a soccer game when the alleged criminal act transpired: the…

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