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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Israel Resumes Bombing Targets In Syria

Submitted by SouthFront, The Israeli Air Force is once again bombing targets in Syria amid growing turbulence in the Greater Middle East. Early on November 18, the Israeli Air Force conducted a series of strikes on targets in Syria. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that the strikes hit “warehouses, command posts and military complexes,…

CODEVILLA: Biden Has No Foreign Policy. Here’s Why Americans Should Be Worried

No one has ever accused Joseph Biden of having views on foreign policy (or, really, on many other things). Hence, whatever international matters a Biden administration would propose, oppose or do would follow from the proclivities of the U.S government’s several bureaucracies, as well as interested parts of the Democratic Party. Note well also that…

Israel In Talks To Buy Russia’s COVID Vaccine

In the United States and the West broadly all eyes are on the Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines, as well as planning for the "logistical nightmare" of mass distribution to the population once fully proven effective. Hours after Moderna on Monday hailed its vaccine as nearly 95% effective the WHO in a press conference said…

EXCLUSIVE: North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer Talks Biden, Oil, Coronavirus And The Future Of...

October 25, 2020 9:45 PM ET Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer explained what Vice President Joe Biden’s oil plans would mean for the U.S. and what Republicans need to do about Section 230 and big tech censorship in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller. Cramer sat down with White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom…

Fact Check– Joe Biden: President Trump ‘Embraces All the Thugs in the World’

CLAIM: Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed Thursday night at a town hall in Philadelphia that President Donald Trump “embraces all the thugs in the world.” VERDICT: False. Former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the United States’ role in the world and how he viewed that it had diminished since Trump took office. “We…

How Exceptional America Is

How Exceptional America Is Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture America is becoming exceptionally exceptional. In some votes at the U.N. General Assembly — the Assembly of nations — only Israel,  or one or two other U.S. allies, vote along with it, and all others either vote against it, or else abstain in order…

Trump nominated for THIRD Nobel Peace Prize – for PEACEMAKING [Video]

This is clearly an opportunity to gloat and say “see, I told you so.” Read on and enjoy. Two earlier pieces here on The Duran make note of the US President’s record on foreign policy and aggression, something that had long been the focus of many geopolitical wonks as being proof of the “hegemony” of the United…

‘Day Of Rage’ Protests Across US Featured Support For Palestinian Terrorists

Anti-American, pro-Palestine protests have occurred in at least 16 major cities nationwide, where protesters carried signs and flags representative of groups designated as foreign terror organizations by the U.S. Department of State.  Protesters chanted “death to Israel” and “death to America,” while one speaker said that “we must live in the spirit of slavery abolitionists,…

Trump Supporters Shout ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ at Wisconsin Rally

Supporters of President Donald Trump on Thursday chanted “Nobel Peace Prize!” as he campaigned in Wisconsin. The chant began as the president discussed his brokered peace agreements between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel. “I got nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize,” Trump said. “I guess that’s a big deal, I don’t know.”…

WATCH: John Kerry Dire Predictions Fail Again After Trump-Brokered Peace Agreements

A recently resurfaced video depicts a confident John Kerry lecturing on the impossibilities of achieving that which the Trump administration did this past week in yet another blow to Kerry and the Democratic establishment’s long-held foreign policy doctrines. In the clip, President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry was seen bashing the notion that peace…
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