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Top Biden DOJ Appointee Open to Court Packing: ‘Nothing Is Off the Table’

One of president-elect Joe Biden’s top Department of Justice (DOJ) nominees previously expressed openness to packing the United States Supreme Court. After the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last year, Vanita Gupta claimed that the Trump administrations’s push to fill the seat could force Democrats to break old precedents for the sake of…

Democrats Threaten To Pack Court If Republicans Vote On Ginsburg Replacement This Year

Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court if Republicans fill the vacancy left by liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Friday.  “Congress would have to act and expanding the court would be the right place to start,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler wrote on Twitter.  Ginsburg herself pushed back against the…

Charles Hurt: Nadler Calls Riots ‘Myth’ — Then Blames Them on Trump and Barr

On his way to a hearing last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler was in a car accident. Thankfully, the New York pol was unhurt. But the accident caused Mr. Nadler to be an hour late to the hearing. Watching Mr. Nadler during that hearing, which starred Attorney General William Barr, you might think he…

Schiff Explains What Really Happened When Nadler Stole The Spotlight During Impeachment Trial

February 08, 2020 2:33 PM ET Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff pushed back Friday on allegations that New York Rep. Jerry Nadler stole the spotlight, despite objections, during closing arguments at President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke to all seven House managers Friday evening on “Anderson Cooper 360” following the Senate’s…

GOODMAN: The Death Of America’s ‘Fair Trial’

February 02, 2020 1:17 PM ET We are witnessing a slow-motion descension into legal hell, with politicians so bent on power and rage they are willfully dismantling one of the most precious concepts in American democracy: the right to a fair trial.  The attitude is so smug, and the assault so brazen, it should stir…

Patriots Impeachment Weekly Wrap-Up: Dead Impeachment Walking

January 31, 2020 4:34 PM ET The Senate prepared for a vote late Friday on whether to continue the trial without additional witnesses or documents. After lengthy opening statements from the House impeachment managers — and slightly less lengthy statements from President Donald Trump’s defense team — the Senate trial moved to the question-and-answer period,…

Schiff Show: Adam Schiff Spoke Five Times Longer than Jerry Nadler During Impeachment Trial

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) delivered the most prolonged opening argument amongst the Democrat impeachment managers, according to data released Saturday. C-SPAN found that Rep. Schiff spoke nearly twice as long as other Democrat impeachment managers. Democrats had 24 hours to deliver their opening arguments over three days. House impeachment managers trial presentation…

Here’s What Pelosi’s Impeachment Managers Had To Say About The Clinton Impeachment

January 23, 2020 5:10 PM ET House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent seven of her fellow Democratic representatives to wage the war for President Donald Trump’s removal from office in the Senate, but many of them were singing a different tune during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Here’s what Pelosi’s impeachment managers were saying 20 years…

Fact Check: Jerry Nadler Forgets George Mason’s Proposal Was Defeated

CLAIM: The Framers of the Constitution, including George Mason, intended impeachment to be used for “all manner of great and dangerous offenses.” VERDICT: FALSE. The Framers rejected Mason’s proposal. George Mason was one of the great Founders. He opposed slavery, and argued that the power the Constitution gave to the federal government would be too…

Jerry Nadler On Impeachment: Trump ‘Betrayed His Country’

January 19, 2020 3:20 PM ET House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler appeared Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with host Margaret Brennan and talked about how he plans to prosecute the impeachment case against President Donald Trump. The CBS host opened the segment by asking how Nadler was planning on prosecuting the impeachment case,…
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