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Brooklyn Jews Use Bolt Cutters To Override New York City Park Closure

Members of Brooklyn’s Jewish community used a pair of bolt cutters on Monday to cut the lock on Middleton Playground in Brooklyn, according to footage posted by NYC Scanner. A heavily Jewish community’s nearby entrance to the park had been welded shut Monday morning. The city’s Parks & Recreation department then “unwelded” the gate and…

FACT CHECK: No, This Video Does Not Show NYPD Clearing A Jewish Funeral With...

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows New York City police using a water cannon to disperse a Jewish funeral held in Brooklyn. Verdict: False The video was filmed in 2017 during a protest in Israel. Fact Check: The video shows a large gathering of what appears to be Orthodox Jews in the street being…

Bigotry as a Response to Bigotry Just Makes Things Worse

Eric Zuesse Daniel Lazare at Strategic Culture headlined on March 8th “Israel Hits a Brick Wall” and described the reasons behind the political deadlock in which that apartheid nation has long been frozen. Frankly, I had had no idea of the reasons, and I won’t try to summarize here Lazare’s (to me) revelatory description of…

Flaws and merits in US Mideast policy are being corrected under Trump

Every so often, I take up the keyboard to weigh in on the doings of the people running the ancient and great nation of Iran. There is no cynicism in this statement: Iran is a highly technologically advanced, well-educated and fairly prosperous nation. However, Western news consumers would never know this because of the way…

JEW HATRED: Synagogue in Beverly Hills Vandalized Days Before Hanukkah

LauraLoomer Posted On December 14, 2019 In what is being investigated by police as a hate crime against Jews, the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills, California was vandalized on Friday night. According to police, a lone male suspect broke the windows of Nessah Synagogue and destroyed the prayer books and prayer shawls inside the synagogue.…

Pollak: Supporters of Israel Should Be More Cautious in Criticizing Trump’s Syria Pullout

Jewish leaders in the U.S., and pundits in the Israeli press, have generally been critical of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from a Syria-Turkey border zone, concerned about the fate of the Kurdish people. Some describe it as a bad omen for Israel. That concern, while legitimate, ignores Trump’s long-term strategy in the…

Young Jews Slam Antisemitism in Multicultural Malmo

Young members of the Jewish community in the Swedish city of Malmö say the local government does not do enough to combat growing antisemitism. Two young Jews spoke out about their experiences living in the heavily migrant-populated southern Swedish city, with one claiming that many high schools across the city are simply not safe enough…

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