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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Telling ‘One Whopper After Another’ About Mail-in Voting

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta following the White House coronavirus press briefing accused President Donald Trump of “telling one whopper after another” about mail-in voting. Acosta said, “Right at the end of that press conference, the president was just telling one whopper after another about mail-in voting. At one point saying…

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Had a ‘Rabbling, Unhinged’ Campaign Rally in the Rose Garden

Tuesday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” network White House correspondent Jim Acosta declared President Donald Trump gave giving a “rabbling, unhinged,” campaign rally-like speech in the Rose Garden today. Acosta said, “I’ve never seen a president turn the Rose Garden into a campaign rally the way President Trump did in the last — more than an…

CNN’s Acosta: Comparing Trump Rally to Protests ‘an Apples and Oranges Comparison’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta stated that comparing President Trump’s rally to the recent protests is “sort of an apples and oranges comparison.” And the White House is “willing to take this risk, even if experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci say this is a very bad idea.”…

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Lying About Connection Between Vote-by-Mail and Voter Fraud

Appearing on CNN Tuesday, the network’s senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, rushed to take aim at President Donald Trump for accusing Twitter of election interference over their decision to fact-check his tweets regarding Democrats’ push to enact vote-by-mail plans ahead of November’s presidential election. A partial transcript is as follows:  JIM ACOSTA: The president…

CNN’s Acosta: Trump ‘Sending Out Protesters’ to Pressure Governors to Reopen

Tuesday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” network White House reporter Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of “sending out protesters to the statehouses” to pressure governors to reopen their states. Earlier at the coronavirus task force press conference, Trump said, “I’ve watched some of the protests, not in great detail but I’ve seen that on television.…

Acosta: Trump ‘Really Highlighting Some of His Authoritarian Impulses’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” network White House reporter Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of “really highlighting some of his authoritarian impulses.” Acosta said Trump was doing so by claiming he can do “whatever” he wants with states regarding the pandemic coronavirus recovery. Today at the coronavirus task force briefing, Trump said, “We have…

Ted Cruz Rips Jim Acosta For ‘Apologizing For The Communist Party Of China’

April 14, 2020 9:21 PM ET Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta Tuesday evening for “apologizing for the Communist Party of China.” “Why is CNN apologizing for the Communist Party of China?” Cruz wrote via Twitter. “You’re supposed to be journalists, not CCP propagandists.” Why is CNN apologizing…

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Had a ‘Meltdown’ — He Was Out of Control ‘Ranting and...

Monday on CNN’s “OutFront,” network White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of out-of-control ranting and raving at the coronavirus task force press briefing. Acosta said, “I have to tell you, that is the biggest meltdown I have ever seen from a President of the United States in my career. I don’t think a…

CNN’s Acosta Interrupts Dr Birx As She Discusses The WHO’s Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic

April 03, 2020 7:36 PM ET CNN reporter Jim Acosta interrupted Dr. Deborah Birx on Friday as the White House coronavirus task force coordinator was discussing the World Health Organization’s handling of the pandemic. Birx pointed out during a task force press conference that WHO has provided faulty guidance about the transmission of coronavirus, and…

CNN’s Acosta: W.H. Briefing Had ‘PR Stunt’ from ‘Mr. Pillow’ Plugging His Company

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta suggested that the White House’s coronavirus briefings could be “better designed” by not having “these PR stunts like Mr. Pillow coming out and giving a plug for his company, and that sort of thing.” Acosta said, “I think these briefings could…
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