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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Job Creators Network’s Times Square Billboard Demands Biden ‘Stop Siding with Unions and Push...

The Job Creators Network (JCN), one of the largest small business advocacy organizations in America, is launching a website NoSchoolJoe.com, which the organization says offers Americans a detailed breakdown of “the Biden administration’s failure to reopen schools, despite the overwhelming data that shows it’s safe.” The Job Creators Network has also erected a billboard in the heart…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Said Trump Did ‘Nothing to Help Small Businesses’ During Pandemic

CLAIM: Joe Biden said during the first presidential debate in Cleveland Tuesday night that President Donald Trump has done “nothing to help small businesses” during the coronavirus pandemic. VERDICT: FALSE. Trump’s “centerpiece” of his coronavirus relief effort was the Paycheck Protection Program. Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), said in a…

Exclusive–Ortiz: Phase 3 Coronavirus Legislation Will Expand Government Response to Protect Small Businesses

The Trump administration continued its rapid response to the coronavirus crisis by announcing this week that small businesses and individuals can delay federal tax payments for 90 days. This move will significantly increase the cash flow for small firms, which are struggling to generate revenue as customers stay home and supply chains are disrupted. Late…

Ortiz: White House Payroll Tax Cut Would Counteract Coronavirus Downturn

file/Getty Images Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes in The Hill in favor of Trump’s proposal to combat the financial downturn created by the coronavirus with a payroll tax cut that would put money back in workers’ pockets, creating more demand for goods and services. President Trump has laid out a major part of his…

Job Creators Network Survey: More than 70 Percent of Small Business Owners Would Re-Elect...

A survey conducted by the Job Creators Network (JCN) showed that small business owners — employers with less than 500 employees — found that 79.4 percent want free market-based healthcare as opposed to Medicare for All or a Public Option. JNC also asked the 703 local business owners how they think the Trump administration has handled economic issues; 66 percent of the…

Exclusive–Ortiz: Phase One China Trade Deal Is Another Victory for American Businesses

Getty Images President Trump scored another major victory today with the signing of phase one of the China trade agreement, which further reorients the global supply chain in America’s favor. The trade deal comes on the heels of Congressional approval of the USMCA, which is the largest and most consequential trade deal in history, as…
job-creators-network:-trump-china-trade-deal-‘another-major victory-for-small-businesses’

Job Creators Network: Trump China Trade Deal ‘Another Major Victory for Small Businesses’

Job Creators Network, one of the country’s largest pro-jobs grassroots organizations, praised President Donald Trump’s newly announced trade deal with China. “President Trump notched another major victory for small businesses and ordinary Americans with the Phase One trade deal with China. The agreement will significantly benefit small businesses, farmers, and ordinary Americans,” said Alfredo Ortiz, president and…

Job Creators Network: With Strong GDP, Fed Should ‘Cut Interest Rates’ Next Week

Job Creators Network, one of the nation’s largest pro-jobs grassroots organizations, declared on Friday that the U.S. economy’s growth of 2.1 percent from April through June is the latest reason why “the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates at next week’s meeting.” “While the national economy remains strong under President Trump’s pro-growth policies, the best way to keep momentum…

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