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Friday, December 3, 2021

Joe Biden: ‘Who’s President? Fauci’

President Joe Biden praised Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday, joking that the doctor giving him advice on the coronavirus was actually the president. “I’ve seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife, we kid each other,” Biden joked with a chuckle. “They look, who’s president? Fauci. But all kidding aside, I sincerely mean…

Dems Pop Champagne Corks Over 2 Cent Reduction In Gas Prices, Praise Joe Biden

The Democratic Party’s lead fundraising arm for electing members to the House cheered a two-cent reduction in the average price of gasoline on Thursday.The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) tweeted a graph of gas prices between Nov. 15-29, showing that the average cost at the pump has fallen from $3.40 per gallon to $3.38 per…

GOP Poll: Joe Biden at 36 Percent Approval Rating

President Joe Biden only has a 36 percent approval rating, according to a new Trafalgar Group poll released Wednesday. The poll showed that 52 percent of Americans strongly disapproved of Biden while 6.9 percent merely disapproved of his job performance. Only 4.6 percent of respondents had no opinion of Biden. Trafalgar Group poll of Joe…

Psaki Blames Americans For Biden’s Failure To Shut Down COVID When Pressed By Doocy

White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to blame the number of unvaccinated Americans for the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic.During his presidential bid, Biden made it a campaign promise to “shut down the virus,” then called former President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions against China “xenophobic.” “What ever happened to President [Joe] Biden’s promise to shut…

‘Wild-Eyed Leftist’: Ted Cruz Rattles Biden Nominee Over His Past Statements

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz challenged President Joe Biden’s U.S. district court nominee Dale Ho on Tuesday over his past statements.Cruz asked Ho to explain why he described himself in the past as “a wild-eyed Leftist” and someone “accused sometimes of seeing discrimination everywhere” he looked during the Tuesday confirmation hearing of the Senate Judiciary…

Underground Video: Biden’s war against America [Video]

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice. A report that YouTube would love to ban, but for the fact that this clever YouTuber made it “unpublished” and yet…

Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci Surprise Children at School to Promote Coronavirus Vaccine

President Barack Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci teamed up on Tuesday afternoon to visit elementary school children in Washington, DC, urging them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Dr. Fauci and President Obama visited a vaccine clinic at Kimball Elementary School in SE. Here’s Obama greeting children waiting in line to get in pic.twitter.com/DhpbSFKdPN —…

Newsmax and OAN Back Far-Left Pick for FCC Commissioner Who Wants to Censor Conservative...

One America News (OAN) and Newsmax are backing Joe Biden’s far-left, radical pick for FCC commissioner, Gigi Sohn, despite the fact that she and the organization she co-founded have called for the blacklisting of conservative broadcasters — including OAN. Gigi Sohn has made a number of public statements that should alarm conservatives. She has called…

Kayleigh McEnany Details How The Media Undermined The Trump Administration In New Book

Editor’s note: What follows is an excerpt from Kayleigh McEnany’s new book “For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey Through the White House and Beyond.” It can be purchased here.Since I left the White House, there has been a whole lot of vindication. As it turns out, the press was wrong, and Trump…

Judge Strikes Down Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

A judge halted President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in ten states on Monday, court documents show. Missouri-based U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, issued the preliminary injunction for employees at Medicare and Medicare-certified medical facilities in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Missouri,…

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