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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hawley Calls On Democrats To Condemn Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith

Sen. Josh Hawley called on Democrats Saturday to reject “anti-religious animus on the Left” and attacks on Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Barrett’s faith. “There is a long history of anti-Catholic hatred by some in this country, and a growing tide of anti-religious animus on the Left now, and I hope you and your colleagues…

Democrats Launch Smear Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Children

Democrats began smearing Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Friday night before President Donald Trump even nominated her to become the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, which he is expected to do on Saturday afternoon. Dana Houle, a Democrat activist who was once a chief of staff on Capitol Hill to a Democrat…

‘I Don’t Believe That’s The Right Question’: Ted Cruz Urges Caution On Josh Hawley’s...

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz urged caution on Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s abortion litmus test for future Supreme Court justice nominees in a Sunday interview. The Texas senator discussed who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. Ginsburg died at the age of 87 due to complications of metastatic pancreatic…

Donald Trump Approves TikTok Deal With Oracle And Walmart, Wants The App To...

President Donald Trump said Saturday that he approved a transaction between Oracle and TikTok that allows the Chinese application to stay in the United States. Part of the arrangement requires the newly U.S.-based TikTok company to direct $5 billion toward teaching American children “the real history of our country,” Trump told reporters at the White…

TikTok Could Become A Powerful Propaganda Tool If It Stays With China, Experts Warn

China could use TikTok as a powerful propaganda tool if ByteDance, its China-based parent company, retains ownership, according to national security analysts and China experts. The authoritarian regime could suppress or promote content to benefit the Chinese Communist Party, the experts said. Data collected through the app could be used to create propaganda, they went…

Josh Hawley to Only Back Supreme Court Nominees Who Say Roe v. Wade ‘Wrongly...

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said on Sunday he would only back Supreme Court nominees that state on the record that the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade was “wrongly decided.” Hawley, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told the Washington Post, “I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe…

Josh Hawley Calls to Revamp Supreme Court Nomination Process

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said on Saturday that the Donald Trump administration needs to include grassroots conservatives more in the process to nominate Supreme Court justices after a series of losses at the Supreme Court. Hawley said that Trump should reconsider his proposal to release another list of Supreme Court nominees ahead of the 2020…

ANALYSIS: DOJ Investigators Involved In Antitrust Probe Don’t Appear To Be Scrutinizing Claims Of...

Investigators with the Department of Justice involved in an antitrust probe targeting Google do not appear to be scrutinizing claims that the company manipulates its search feature, leaks of the investigation and a source with knowledge indicate.   Researchers and critics argue Google’s search feature is subject to manipulation and can potentially impact a national…

GOP bill would punish Big Tech for censoring conservatives [Video]

As the race for the 2020 Presidential election resumes its full force, Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and others have been observed rather blatantly attempting to censor posts by their users, whether those posts be personally held “private” opinions or newspieces. Here at The Duran, we have felt these efforts deployed against…

Politicians React to Google’s Demonetization Threat to the Federalist, ZeroHedge

Elected officials reacted to Google’s threat of demonetization of the Federalist, which would restrict ad revenues to the news media outlet. Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist, spoke with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday’s edition of the latter’s eponymous TV program, describing coordination between NBC, Google, and a foreign left-wing organization in Europe. NBC worked…

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