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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Josh Hawley CRUSHES ZUCK, exposes Big Tech censorship collusion

*****News Topic 161***** Facebook whistleblower tells me FB uses its internal project management system, “Tasks,” to coordinate censorship with Twitter and Google. Pic of example Task page below No Title @Facebook whistleblower tells me FB uses its internal project management system, “Tasks,” to coordinate censorship with @Twitter and @Google. Pic of example Task page below…

Trump’s Troop Drawdowns Win Support from Populist GOPs and Dems, Criticism from Hawks

President Donald Trump this week ordered U.S. troops to draw down to 2,500 in Iraq and Afghanistan, winning applause from populist conservatives and Democrats in Congress,but criticism from hawks and adherents to establishment foreign policy. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) expressed support, arguing that the original U.S. counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan has given way to nation-building —…

‘Really Weird People’: Josh Hawley Rips Power Of Big Tech’s ‘Modern-Day Aristocracy’ To Suppress...

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley criticized big tech CEOs as a “modern-day aristocracy” during a Wednesday night appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and others appeared Tuesday before the Senate Commerce Committee to answer questions about the censorship of the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Buden. Fireworks…

‘It’s About Contempt For Voters’: Josh Hawley Criticizes Democrats’ Plans To Pack The Courts,...

Democratic Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said Wednesday that packing the courts and abolishing the Senate filibuster is “about contempt for voters” and “would be a huge mistake.” Though Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden came out against court packing in August 2019, the issue again enjoyed center stage when he refused to take a stand in…

Leftist Group Fueling Democrat Senate Campaigns at Center of Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s...

The leftist PAC NextGen America’s Managing Director, John Lee Brougher, is behind attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s adopted children, roping several Democrat U.S. Senators and Senate candidates into the smears on her family. This weekend, as Breitbart News reported, before President Donald Trump even formally nominated Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left…

Hawley Calls On Democrats To Condemn Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith

Sen. Josh Hawley called on Democrats Saturday to reject “anti-religious animus on the Left” and attacks on Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Barrett’s faith. “There is a long history of anti-Catholic hatred by some in this country, and a growing tide of anti-religious animus on the Left now, and I hope you and your colleagues…

Democrats Launch Smear Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Children

Democrats began smearing Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Friday night before President Donald Trump even nominated her to become the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, which he is expected to do on Saturday afternoon. Dana Houle, a Democrat activist who was once a chief of staff on Capitol Hill to a Democrat…

‘I Don’t Believe That’s The Right Question’: Ted Cruz Urges Caution On Josh Hawley’s...

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz urged caution on Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s abortion litmus test for future Supreme Court justice nominees in a Sunday interview. The Texas senator discussed who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. Ginsburg died at the age of 87 due to complications of metastatic pancreatic…

Donald Trump Approves TikTok Deal With Oracle And Walmart, Wants The App To...

President Donald Trump said Saturday that he approved a transaction between Oracle and TikTok that allows the Chinese application to stay in the United States. Part of the arrangement requires the newly U.S.-based TikTok company to direct $5 billion toward teaching American children “the real history of our country,” Trump told reporters at the White…

TikTok Could Become A Powerful Propaganda Tool If It Stays With China, Experts Warn

China could use TikTok as a powerful propaganda tool if ByteDance, its China-based parent company, retains ownership, according to national security analysts and China experts. The authoritarian regime could suppress or promote content to benefit the Chinese Communist Party, the experts said. Data collected through the app could be used to create propaganda, they went…
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