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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sheryl Attkisson simply LEVELS the mainstream bias [Video]

I was made aware of this video about one month ago, and I kept “meaning to get back to it” because it is a great topic but it is also very lengthy. This is a nearly one-hour presentation made at the American Hillsdale College, one of the last bastions of conservative higher education in the…

‘War On Whistleblowers’: Edward Snowden Says That Journalism Is Slowly Being Criminalized

November 25, 2020 10:59 PM ET Edward Snowden claimed that the “war on whistleblowers” trend in the U.S. demonstrates a growing “criminalization of journalism” in an interview Monday with Glenn Greenwald. Snowden is a member of the board of directors of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which tracks attacks on journalists. He stated that…

Columbia Journalism Review Explains How The Gates Foundation Manipulates The Media Narrative

Most of the feature stories published by the Columbia Journalism Review, a mostly-digital biannual "magazine" published and edited by the Columbia School of Journalism and its staff, is sanctimonious media naval-gazing filtered through a lens of cryptomarxist propaganda, written by a seemingly endless procession of washed-up magazine writers. But every once in a while, just…

Chris Wallace accomplishes a Fake News Fail with Trump interview [Video]

On July 19th, 2020, Fox News’ reporter Chris Wallace was granted a no-holds-barred, nothing-is-off-the-table, and highly praised interview with President Trump. The edited video of this interview is available at the end of this piece. The interview is interesting because it highlights the main thrust of what has come to be called the “fake news…

What should one do with fake news journalists? – a critical view

PJ Media is one of a very few truly excellent independent news and opinion outlets. Recently they ran a piece entitled “Should Journalists Go to Jail for Spreading Russia Lies?” The writer puts forward the title question in a very straightforward way with the first instinctual answer being “no.” However, the author goes on to…

Pollak: The Public Responsibility of a Political Journalist

In 1973, as Israel was reeling from a surprise attack on Yom Kippur, Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan was in a state of shock. The overconfident Dayan, the hero of the Six Day War, had been certain the Arab states would never strike. But with Syrian tanks poised to descend the Golan, and Egyptian infantry…

Should Publishing Lies Be a Crime?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Saker Writing or otherwise saying lies should be civilly but not criminally illegal, but publishing lies needs to remain entirely legal unless the publisher has not practiced due diligence to exclude falsehoods. The responsibility to avoid expressing lies is 100% the responsibility of the violator, the person who lies;…

The next generation of journalists wants to comfort the comfortable & afflict the afflicted

Via RT… A renowned journalism school’s paper recently apologized for ‘traumatizing’ students by posting photos of their participation in a public protest. Is protecting people from the consequences of their actions now the media’s duty? The purpose of journalism is “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable,” according to a quote frequently attributed to newspaper baron William…
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