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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Charles Hurt — Chappelle’s Show Comes to Life: Media, Democrats Portray Larry Elder as...

President Joe Biden is turning the world into the movie set of Mad Max. Democrats are converting America into a Third World poverty camp. And Terry McAuliffe is running for governor of Virginia, promising to lure businesses to the state with more abortions. (He actually said that this week.) The innocent American citizen would be forgiven for…

Exclusive — Mike Cernovich: ‘If We Have a Fair Election, Larry Elder Takes It’

Mike Cernovich, author and filmmaker, said Republican gubernatorial candidate and talk radio host Larry Elder would become governor of California if the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is above-board. “If we have a fair election, Larry Elder takes it,” Cernovich remarked. “Even if it’s not fair, I think the margin of victory could…

ANALYSIS: Larry Elder Could Very Well Be The Next Governor Of California. Naturally, The...

After a movement in which organizers were able to obtain over two million signatures, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom will officially be up for a recall election on Sept. 14. A recall ballot in California consists of two questions: whether the incumbent should be recalled? and if so, which challenger should replace them? If a…

Larry Elder’s surge in California brings out the race baiters [Video]

The race-baiting wave of 2020-2021 took a slightly unusual turn over the weekend when a Los Angeles Times opinion writer named Erika D. Smith published two pieces about the California recall gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. She leads off her articles with these headlines:As you can see from the titles alone, Erika is going full-on racist. The…

Knives Out For Larry!

California used to be the Golden State; now it is a Hell on Earth for ordinary people, and no one has contributed to its rapid decline more than Gavin Newsom. There has for some time been a concerted effort to remove him by people across a wide political spectrum, although if you read certain publications,…

OC Register Endorses Larry Elder over Gavin Newsom in California Recall

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File The Orange County Register, a major newspaper in Southern California, has endorsed conservative talk radio host Larry Elder in the Sep. 14 recall against Gov. Gavin Newsom. In an editorial Sunday, the Register said: As one of the state’s few right-of-center editorial pages, readers — and the state’s political leaders — no doubt…

California dreaming… of turning RED? Larry Elder makes his case [Video]

Could the cesspool on the West Coast turn into a new stronghold of conservative values and government? Could the pandemic of lawlessness and “Defund the Police” powerlessness lead to strong security and great law enforcement? These questions and others like them are gaining interest as California reels from one-party rule, with extremely liberal and elitist…

Poll: Support for Recalling Gavin Newsom Surges; Larry Elder Leads Contenders

A new poll has found that a growing proportion of California voters now support recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the electorate is nearly split on the issue, while conservative radio host Larry Elder leads contenders to replace him. The UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, found that 51…

Blue State Blues: What Larry Elder’s Campaign Means for Conservatives

If Democrats hoped to keep conservative talk radio host Larry Elder off the ballot in the upcoming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom, their plan backfired spectacularly this week. Not only did Elder win his case in court, forcing Secretary of State Shirley Weber to place him on the list of candidates, but he also…

Larry Elder Wins in Court: California Must Put Him on Recall Ballot

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder won his court challenge Wednesday to California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who must place him on the list of candidates in the Sep. 14 election to recall incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). As Breitbart News reported Tuesday, Elder’s campaign sued the Secretary of State after she excluded him…

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