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Thursday, August 18, 2022

President Putin throws American tyranny in reporter’s face [Video]

This interview, done by NBC correspondent Keir Simmons, is something every American needs to watch and digest. We wish to show you a particular section of that interview, but the whole piece is over 80 minutes long, and available at this link. This is ten minutes of journalistic gold that the American media will not want…

Foreign military police breaks the law in the Baltic States

Quarrels and skirmishes between local residents of the Baltic States and NATO military personnel have become common and. Public perception on how to cope with such incidents differ from how such cases are regulated by international agreements. Despite this questions over foreign troops’ unappropriated behaviour continue to arise. There was a recent fight between NATO…

Texas Sues GA, MI, PA & WI in Supreme Court, Ted Cruz to Argue...

source When there are so many lawsuits happening at the same time then you need a lawyer to explain it all!  R&R Law Group SUBSCRIBE Major activity in the election litigation world with new electoral fraud filings at the United States Supreme Court. Ted Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania case in front of SCOTUS. Texas files…

Law and double standards in Baltic States

A soldier of the Lithuanian army was detained in Jurbarkas on Tuesday. He was driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the Police Department, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was stopped for inspection. A soldier was dressed in uniform of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The driver was clearly in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but…

Attorney General William Barr talks race, justice and law in America [Video]

Attorney General William “Bill” Barr has shown himself to be one of President Trump’s very best picks through the course of his first Presidential term of office. This very measured, very calm man has a gift of making legal sense out of chaotic and otherwise very passion-filled situations. It is certainly the truth that presently…

U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms U.S. Police State

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Saker On June 15th, the U.S. Supreme Court, with only the libertarian right-wing (basically anti-government) Clarence Thomas dissenting — reaffirmed that America’s law-enforcement officers have “qualified immunity” from prosecution when they do things such as to shoot an innocent person in his own yard whose unthreatening pet dog is…

Man resists arrest, goes for cop’s gun – and it is the Police’s fault?...

A black man was shot three times and killed by white police officers in Atlanta on Saturday. This sparked riots in the city when news about it was broadcast. No doubt for the next few days, Atlanta and now maybe other southern US cities will get a new wave of violence. Police departments may abdicate…

China Folds: Beijing Does Nothing After Trump Signs HK Bill

Just a few hours after Trump called China’s bluff on the Hong Kong bill, it appears the US president won the pot.After launching a stern verbal protest overnight in which China’s Foreign Ministry said that it would take strong countermeasures if the US continues to undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy after Trump signed the Bill that…

New Jersey Hits Uber With $650 Million Tax Bill; Stock Slides

Two months after Uber decided to ignore new California legislation requiring companies to reclassify contract workers as employees – a measure which would affect up to one million residents who work as contractors and drastically impact Uber’s bottom line – more states are lining up to demand a pound of flesh from the world’s formerly…

Trump Uses Cuomo Outburst to Highlight “Red Flag” Concerns

President reveals dangers of gun confiscation via knee-jerk assessment President Trump may have laid to rest any concern he was going to enact gun control via a controversial “Red Flag” law when he slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s latest meltdown.In a single tweet, the president seemed to highlight the dangers raised by gun rights advocates…

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