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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ted Cruz tries to PREVENT Biden from enacting Vaccine Passports [Video]

This is truly the bonanza year or two for leftists. They got several wonderful gifts starting around January of 2020. They got the novel coronavirus, our all-too-familiar COVID-19. They got civil unrest. They got lockdowns. They already had a massive percentage of the American population thinking they are victims. They have had massive success in…

Tucker Carlson: Why are risks of COVID vaccines being suppressed? [Video]

This is a full reprint of Tucker Carlson’s opinion piece on Fox News, dated May 5th, 2021. It is nonetheless current, given the direction that the Imposter Administration keeps trying to force America towards: Take the vaccine. Or Else. That “Or Else” literally was part of Uncle Joe’s Twitter post. I have never been threatened…

This is NOT what Dr Martin Luther King had in mind [Video]

Watch this presentation by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The parents he reports about did what all of us must do if we are faced with this sort of situation. No racism does NOT mean “black get revenge against whites.” It means “no racism.” No special privileges, and no excuses. This is a Christian notion, and…

The Christian core of the COVID-19 Passports issue [Video]

We know the idea of “Vaccination Passports” is being kicked around rather seriously within the US’ national government. Certainly Imposter-in-Chief Biden wants this, because he is afraid of COVID and wants us all to be afraid of it too. Certainly Drs Fauci and Birx appear to favor it because their success is largely based on…

Want written proof of fraud in the US Election? Read on. [Video]

A very closely paralleled piece exists on the Duran, submitted by “Victor”, one of our contributors. He is to be thanked, and the video he posted is a must watch. We indicate the same clip in this piece for reference simply because the content of the video is extremely important. However, a written piece from…

COVID-19 may be laying grounds for second American Civil War [Video]

This story has been brewing for several weeks. We saw a few weeks ago how Michigan’s governor Whitmer imposed excessive and ludicrous guidelines on her citizens in the name of “keeping them safe” from the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. New York, California and New Jersey are among the nation’s most restrictive and most irrationally-run…

COVID Orthodox Church closures part III – An interview from the front

When starting this series, we fully expected to find really strong arguments supporting the position taken by most Orthodox Christian Church jurisdictions – that the parish temples be closed to laity during the period of quarantine imposed on most of us in the “First World” (Europe, the Americas, China, Australia, the Far East) by the coronavirus…

The Trump Doctrine: Freedom Requires Sovereignty

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty President Donald Trump outlined the central political philosophy of his administration in his annual address to the opening of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday: national sovereignty is the foundation of liberty. In his remarks, Trump contrasted “those whose thirst for control deludes them into thinking they are…
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