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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Libya proxy war escalates as Egypt prepares ground troops. Erdogan furious (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Egypt’s Sisi securing parliamentary approval for grounds troop intervention into Libya, as the proxy war between Egypt and Turkey moves towards direct conflict between the two nations. Support Free Speech: Subscribe to The Duran on YouTube – Find us on BitChute. The Duran Audio Podcast:Follow on Soundcloud – Subscribe on…

Egyptian intervention may worsen Libyan civil war situation

Submitted by infoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro… Libya’s situation is worsening day after day. Since the fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, the country has been immersed in a deep political, economic and social crisis, with its National State liquidated in a civil…

Turkey is preparing to open a Pandora’s box in Libya

Submitted by Mideast Discourse, authored by Jonathan Smith… Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), confirmed in media statements on June 25, that Turkey and loyal armed groups are preparing to attack Sirte, calling for joint efforts to save the city. He explained that more than 60,000 civilians…

Who is Khalifa Haftar?

Submitted by George Callaghan… Khalifa Haftar is a 76 year old Libyan-American who is trying to seize control of Libya. Haftar leads the Libyan National Army (LNA). He is battling against the Government of National Accord (GNA). The GNA is recognised by the rightful government of Libya by almost every government. It holds the UN…

Airstrike Hits Kurdish Resort as Turkey Continues Invasion of Iraq

Drone strikes of unconfirmed origin killed at least six people in Sulaimani province, northern Iraq, on Thursday, including multiple children. The strike, reportedly targeting members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), occurred near what the Kurdish outlet Rudaw described as a “village resort” popular with families. The PKK is a U.S.-designated Marxist terrorist organization that…

Egypt delivers stern warning to Libya concerning military intervention

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator… President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Egypt has a legitimate right to intervene in Libya and has ordered his army to stand ready. “Any direct intervention from the Egyptian state has now acquired international legitimacy,” Sisi said after inspecting military units at an airbase near the border with Libya. He stressed…

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Details Two Specific Conversations He Had With John Bolton That Made Him...

President Donald Trump told the Daily Caller about a series of conversations he had with former National Security Adviser John Bolton that made him realize Bolton was a “dumb maniac who wants to go to war with any anybody that can breathe.” Trump, during an hour-long exclusive interview in the Oval Office, said that, despite…

Turkey Looks to ‘Expand’ Its Role in Libya After Civil War Victory

Turkey may expand the conditions of its security agreement with Libya, the Turkish foreign minister said on Thursday, Turkey’s Hürriyet Daily News reported. On Wednesday, a Turkish delegation including foreign and finance ministers traveled to Tripoli to meet with members of Libya’s U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). According to Ankara, the talks between the Turkish delegation and…

Libya and the EastMed pipeline. Part 1 (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the unfolding conflict in Libya which has taken a turn towards Turkey’s favor as Erdogan’s intervention in the conflict has now pushed Egypt to search for a diplomatic, power-sharing, solution to the brutal civil war. Meanwhile Erdogan said Turkey would step-up its cooperation with the Tripoli…

Hillary Clinton ordered to testify about e-mail server [Video]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uIXEXGZq2w Fitton said that testimony from others has revealed that Clinton was cautioned “half a dozen times about these issues” related to her use of a private email server while leading the State Department from 2009 to early 2013. The Justice Department, which is representing the State Department in the case, had no immediate comment. Clinton’s…
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