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Monday, October 26, 2020

WHO Official Warns Against Lockdowns ‘As The Primary Means Of Control’ For Coronavirus

A World Health Organization (WHO) official called on world leaders Friday to stop using lockdowns as a primary method to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to The Spectator. The WHO previously advised against lifting lockdown restrictions too quickly. Back in June, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, explained, “We…

Victoria, Australia police handcuff pregnant beachgoer for violating lockdown

In every zombie apocalypse movie the state often become more militarizes,so perhaps reality now apes fiction..p.s.,If humans don’t change their ways,when concerning the natural environment and animals,plus our food production methods,those images you see on dystopia horror films,with men with guns in some sort of Marshall law will move from books and the silver screen…

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio To Lockdown 20 Hotspots Following Outbreak

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday he intends to enact lockdown restrictions in 20 coronavirus hotspots throughout Brooklyn and Queens following a spike in positivity rates. “This was not an easy choice to make, and let me be clear: we haven’t seen any issues in these schools,” de Blasio said in…

Farvahar Partners CEO And Daily Caller Contributing Editor Omeed Malik: ‘Most Of The Economic...

Farvahar Partners CEO and Daily Caller contributing editor Omeed Malik and Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian joined Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss the recovering U.S. economy during a Friday night “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” segment. The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns caused a massive surge in unemployment and quickly put the brakes on…

New law in Australia aims to squash “conspiracy theorists”

*****News Topic 31***** Pre-Crime: New Law Would Give Australian Authorities Power to Arrest C***D “Conspiracy Theorists” Pre-Crime: New Law Would Give Australian Authorities Power to Arrest COVID “Conspiracy Theorists” In response to criticism that CNN is continuously praising mass gatherings when they are BLM organised, but condemning Trump campaign rallies for breaking COVID restrictions, the…

Say NO to another lockdown.

Could be, but much more likely to have been engineered in Wuhan, as part of the ‘gain of function’ experiments that had been going on there for years. These experiments were also being conducted in the US at UNC and Fort Detrick, although there were halted. But experiments producing pathogens very similar to SARS-Cov-2 were…

“Freedom!” Australians face off against riot police in food market

*****News Topic 31***** Video: Australians Chant “Freedom!” as Market is Shut Down by COVID Riot Cops https://summit.news/2020/09/17/video-australians-chant-freedom-as-market-is-shut-down-by-covid-riot-cops/ 0 0 vote Article Rating Help us grow. Support The Duran on Patreon! Report The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

Flashback on COVID reveals how much – and how little – we know [Video]

The video you are about to see is made by a gentleman named Anton “Lyadov” Gerzen. He is a Russian on-the-ground investigative reporter that goes “on scene” to various places such as North Korea, where people just generally do not go, for reasons of danger or arrest. Here he went to the Hubei Province in…

‘Reason For Optimism’: Surgeon Tells Tucker Why He Believes There Won’t Be A Coronavirus...

September 03, 2020 10:21 PM ET Dr. Neal Elattrache told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday that current trends display “a lot of reason for optimism” that there may not be a second wave of coronavirus in the fall. “I think that if we look at the trends of the virus, what’s happened over the summer…

Queen Pelosi’s hairstyling visit, Part II: The Queen strikes back [Video]

Leave it to Nancy Pelosi to cast weird and crazy all about her these days. Tucker Carlson interviewed Erica Kious, the owner of the San Francisco eSalon, which got a visit by the most powerful Democrat on earth, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelose. She visited the salon for a wash and blow-dry, the same…

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