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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Delingpole: One Law for Black Lives Matter, Another for the Rest

Here is a message which should send a shudder down the spine of anyone who believes in the concept of equality before the law: a British police department openly admitting that it intends to give special, favourable treatment to Black Lives Matter. We'll be in attendance to facilitate a planned Black Lives Matter vigil at…

Churchill Escapes Vandalisation by BLM as Police Finally Post Officers to Protect Statue

The recently “unboxed” statue of Sir Winston Churchill remained unscathed at Black Lives Matter protests in London as the Metropolitan Police (Met) finally stationed officers to guard the monument to Britain’s wartime leader. Police and counter-protesters formed a protective ring around Churchill’s statue to protect it from further acts of vandalism, as thousands of Black…

Sweden: 18,000 Asylum Seekers from 2015 Now Given EU Citizenship

Over 18,000 people who came to Sweden during the height of the 2015 migrant crisis have been granted Swedish citizenship — and by extension EU citizenship — since being initially accepted for asylum status. The Swedish migration board has revealed that a total of 18,420 people who came to the country in 2015 as asylum…

George Floyd’s Brother Asks United Nations to Investigate U.S. Policing

Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, the black man who died last month at the hands of Minneapolis police, is asking the United Nations to investigate policing in the United States for racism and “police brutality.” “The way you saw my brother tortured and murdered on camera is the way black people are treated…

Vatican Bank Says It Holds No Investments in Fossil Fuels

ROME — The director general of the Vatican bank, Gian Franco Mammì, confirmed this week that the institution holds no investments in the fossil fuel industry, apparently in response to challenges from climate change activists. Mr. Mammì told the U.S.-based National Catholic Reporter that the Vatican bank follows the same practices as other European banking institutions,…

Video: Thousands Flock to Rock Band Stereophonics U.K. Concert Amid Coronavirus

British rock band Stereophonics shared videos from a packed concert they performed on Saturday night in Cardiff, U.K. The band retweeted posts of people criticizing them for playing to thousands amid the coronavirus outbreak. “Cardiff in beautiful voice tonight!” the band said over the weekend. “8 trucks, 4 busses, 70 crew, 26 shows done 3…

Coronavirus Deaths in Italy Pass 1,000

ROME — The number of deaths in Italy by the COVID-19 coronavirus passed the 1,000-mark Thursday, jumping by 189 to a total of 1,016 despite drastic measures to contain the virus. The number of new cases of coronavirus infection also went up significantly over a 24-hour period, adding 2,249 cases for a total of 12,839…

Lockdown: Italian Government Expands Coronavirus Travel Restrictions to Entire Country

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday that he is expanding travel restrictions to encapsulate the entire country in an attempt to stop the coronavirus from continuing to proliferate throughout the nation and beyond. “There is no more time, tough measures are needed,” said Conte at a Monday evening press conference regarding the nation’s coronavirus…

Brexit Boost: Nissan Backs Britain, Invests 400m in Sunderland Car Factory

The Nissan Motor Company has announced that it will be doubling down on its investments in the United Kingdom, bucking predictions by anti-Brexiteers that the British car industry would crumble after Brexit. As a part of a £1 billion investment scheme at its British factory in Sunderland, Nissan announced that it has already invested £400…

Majority of Italians Say Leftist Govt Has Not Done Enough to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

A poll has revealed that a majority of Italians do not think the leftist coalition government headed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has done enough to prevent a coronavirus outbreak. The Quaeris institute poll showed that 53.8 per cent of Italians did not think the leftist coalition of the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party (PD)…
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