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Friday, July 10, 2020

Former Reddit CEO Admits To Have Known About Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Supplying Underage Girls For...

In a stunning admission on Monday, investor and former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao admitted in a tweet that she and others knew of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “supplying underage girls for sex” was early as 2011, but said nothing because it “made no difference.” Pao’s statement was in response to a tweet written by Twitter user…

With The #TWEXIT Movement Gaining Momentum, We’ve Compiled A List Of Conservative Accounts To...

With social media platforms censoring Conservatives at an all time high, Twitter users are moving in droves to “the people driven social platform” Parler. Many users of Twitter have noticed a recent influx of censorship with the deletion of tweets without warning due to Terms of Service violations that are ever-evolving, new policies being added…

Laura Loomer Exceeds Pre-Ban Twitter Following on Parler With 300k Followers

This week marks a special milestone for investigative journalist and now Republican Congressional candidate in Florida District 21, Laura Loomer. After having been permanently banned from Twitter, Loomer moved over to free speech social media platform Parler, and not only brought her followers with her, but has now exceeded the amount of followers she had…

Free Speech Social Media Platform Parler Declares To Show All Political Ads ‘Without Censorship...

Tuesday, the alt-tech social media platform Parler published a post explaining that regardless of political party, all political ads would remain uncensored on the site. “In keeping with its mission to be a true Public Square, not an agenda driven publisher, Parler will curate and circulate any ads from legitimate campaigns and allow voters to…

Tired of Twitter’s Censorship, Trump 2020 Team Urges Users To Migrate To Parler

With social media censorship only increasing by the day, many conservatives are fed up and have been making the move from Twitter (and Facebook) to Parler, an alt-tech social media platform that has pledged since its inception to not censor users. When Laura Loomer was permanently deplatformed, she warned that the Silicon Valley mafia would…

Teen Vogue Reposts Their 2018 Article Glorifying Marxism, Promotes Sunshine Movement Aimed At Radicalizing...

Wednesday morning the official Twitter account for Teen Vogue posted a 2018 article written by Adryan Corcione promoting and idolizing Karl Marx. The article wastes no time glorifying Marx and his teachings, referring to him as “the man, the meme, the legend.” “The famed German co-authored The Communist Manifesto with fellow scholar Friedrich Engels in 1848, a…

Dan Bongino Announces He Is Partnering With Social Media Platform Parler

Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino show posted a short clip on the alt-tech social media platform Parler on Tuesday where he announced he has partnered with the company and urged Twitter users to begin to make the switch. “Hey! So, I have some good news and I wanted to share it with you…

EXCLUSIVE: Portland ANTIFA Leader Shows Up in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Captured On...

Skimming back over some of the video clips from Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – better known as “CHAZ”, and now apparently “CHOP,” depending on who you ask – a familiar face popped up in one of the short clips where a street preacher had entered into the zone and was quickly robbed, attacked, and…

Pro-CHAZ Democrat Seattle Mayor Working Closely With Terror-Tied CAIR

Democrat Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan has quite the history with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group proven by a federal judge to have ties to HAMAS, labeled a terror organization in the United Arab Emirates, and whom works closely with self-promoting anti-Semite and vocal supporter of Sharia Law, Linda Sarsour. Sarsour has…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Instructs Users To Move Riot-Related Communications To Signal App

With outrage continuing to blaze through the nation in response to the May 25th death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, social media has become an integral part of the organization of protests and violent riots. Communications being used on social media are not limited to simply posting a flyer for the next event being held,…

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