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Monday, August 2, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Palestinian Jihadists Take to Clubhouse to Plan Violent Protests and “Form an Organic...

“We will form an organic revolution online.” Israel is on the brink of war with Islam; Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinians. Rockets have been fired by jihadists into Israel for weeks now. Jihadists continue to perpetrate violent attacks at the Western Wall in Jerusalem from the al-Aqsa mosque above. They have hurled grenades down…

The Jihadist Threat in America Part Two: Jihad Explained

61:11 Believe in Allah and His messenger and fight valiantly for Allah’s cause [jihad] with both your wealth and your lives. It would be better for you, if you only knew it! In the first of my three-part discussion, I took you through the origins of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. To continue this conversation,…

Laura Loomer’s Statement On Governor DeSantis Signing FL Big Tech Bill Into Law

Great news! For the last three months, I had the unique opportunity to work with the Florida Legislature on the historic passage of a bill to stop Big Tech from silencing the voices of Floridians. After months of discussions and hard work, the Florida House voted 77-38 to pass the Social Media bill after the…

EXCLUSIVE: Providence, Rhode Island Schools Neglect Special Needs Program and Focus on Critical Race...

Parents and teachers have related significant concerns with the Providence, Rhode Island school district. Recently hired Superintendent, Harrison Peters, has made significant progressive changes during covid, affecting the Special Education department and the curriculum. One of superintendent Peters’s first actions was to fire over 30 staff members while bringing in people from his previous jobs…

The Jihadist Threat in America, Part One: Who is Mohammad?

In this three-part discussion, I plan to inform you about one of the most severe threats currently facing the United States – namely, Islam. I will take you from the beginning of the Prophet Mohammad’s establishment of the religion to the current rising attacks by jihadists in America. Lastly, I will discuss what our federal…

Ramadan, a Month of Violence.

Every year during Ramadan, we see a considerable spike of anti-semitic attacks carried out by radical Islamists. This year proves no different. In Israel, the number of rockets sent towards Jerusalem is higher than in previous months. Hamas sent over at least 36 rockets towards Jewish areas in Israel this weekend. There was also a…

Leaked Memo Reveals GOP Legislative Ideas To Rein In Big Tech

Last Thursday, a memo was leaked by the Energy and Commerce Committee to their staff, stakeholders, and to the general public that describes different litigation options in an attempt to rein in omnipotent Big Tech companies. The April 15th memo seeks to bring reform and oversight to the Big Tech platforms that have been operating…

EXCLUSIVE: Radical Muslim Progressive Running to be Manhattan District Attorney

Tahanie Aboushi, a Sharia compliant Muslim woman has announced her candidacy for District Attorney of Manhattan, New York for the June 21 Primary election. Manhattan has had 4 DAs in the last century, all of whom contributed to the mass incarceration & criminalization of people of color. It's time for change. I am running to…

EXCLUSIVE: Black Supporters of Reparations Take To “Clubhouse” and Share Anti-Jewish Tropes

Commenders of the Holocaust took to “Clubhouse”, a popular new app with over a million users, this morning around 10 am; showing their support of Hitler for making Germany a superpower. The event entitled, “The Jews&Asians vs Black Reparations is the REAL BATTLE,” was held for over two hours and the discussion was filled antisemitic…

San Francisco State University Makes Second Attempt to Host Notorious Terrorist, Leila Khaled. Their...

Angela Van Der Pluym Posted On April 15, 2021 San Francisco State University planned to host a webinar entitled, “Whose Narratives? What Free Speech for Palestine?” This webinar was going to be the University’s second attempt to hold known terrorist Leila Khaled. SFSU tried to host the radical Islamist back in September but each platform…
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