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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

An Epic Act of Resistance & Trial of Our Times

Submitted by Lauren Smith… On February11th, four American peace activists, known as the Embassy Protectors Collective, will be tried before the U.S. empire for “interfering with certain protective functions” of its Federal government for their occupation of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. to prevent it from being handed over to coup leaders sponsored by…

Three Years of Monroe Doctrine By Trump: What Has Happened in Latin America?

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, Research Fellow at the Center for Syncretic Studies… Against all mainstream media expectations, Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton to the presidency of the United States in 2016, and it was expected that the new president would take on a more isolationist policy and withdraw his country from…

Pompeo Demands End to Maduro’s ‘Tyranny’ in Venezuela

The long-running Venezuelan political crisis began last January, when opposition lawmaker Juan Guiado proclaimed himself the country’s ‘interim president’, but has failed to achieve its aim – the overthrow of the country’s elected government.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his oft-repeated call for the removal of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from office on Monday.“The…

China Gifts Starving Venezuelans a ‘Symbolic Cube’

A Chinese delegation delivered a “symbolic cube” on Thursday as a gift to the people of Venezuela, many of whom are starving as a result of the country’s ongoing economic and humanitarian crisis. Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro and the Chinese delegation unveiled the cube at the Venezuelan International Book Fair (FILVEN). According to state media,…

Maduro Relying on “Planeloads of Cash” From Russia to Skirt US Sanctions

Skip to content Hundreds of millions shipped in up to six deliveries on flights from Moscow to Caracas A new investigative report by Bloomberg this week has uncovered a sanctions-skirting sizable cash pipeline into sanctions-hit Venezuela, demonstrating one of the “complex logistical feats” President Nicolas Maduro has utilized to survive US-imposed isolation from the international…

Adding Context to ‘News’ about Venezuela

Submitted by Eric Zuesse… On Tuesday, August 6th, the Trump Administration helped to lead a meeting In Lima Peru, of representatives from around 60 governments that have joined U.S. President Trump’s efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s Government. Below is a report about this meeting, by Agence France-Presse, a typical U.S.-allied ‘news’-medium. The italicized additions in brackets…

Trump’s Blockade Begins: Venezuela Says Food Shipment Blocked In Panama Canal

Via Zerohedge… Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez has denounced what state media is describing as a ship seizure by the US in the Panama Canal Wednesday. The ship is reportedly packed with 25 thousands tons of Soya and was entering the narrow vital central America waterway, when its progress was halted in an event which Maduro government officials…
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