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Is Bill Maher Becoming America’s Voice of Reason?

Is Bill Maher becoming America’s voice of reason? It’s been hard to ignore the words of wisdom he’s been dropping lately about the direction the country seems to be headed. Whether the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” is calling out millennials who want to dabble in communism and end policing, or warning…

It is not about Russia, it is about Imposter Biden [Video]

For the last few weeks, some of my friends and readers started responding to news that “Russian troops were massing” on the border with Ukraine. My reaction had been what it was throughout 2014-2015 and onwards when these reports were happening on the order of every week to two weeks, it seemed. “Russia Invades Ukraine”…

A tale of two states from Next News Network’s lead [Video]

Gary Franchi is the owner and operator of the YouTube Channel The Next News Network. This is a very pro-Trump, pro-conservative news source, and while under its leader, has reported substantially on events with the stolen Presidential election and the utter incompetence of the puppet in the White House at this time. Now, of course, the…

President Putin resumes leadership of the free world [Video]

In 2013, President Vladimir Putin became, in effect, the leader of the free world. He did this when President Obama made an empty threat against Syria crossing Mr. Obama’s own defined “red line” in terms of their own civil conflict. Syria, (or false-flag forces) crossed the line, and President Obama’s weakness was revealed. He hesitated…

MSM: Trump is planning a coup to stop their coup attempt [Video]

This is one of the more dire reports offered by Dr. Steve Turley. He proposes that the leftist rhetoric that President Trump is planning a coup attempt may have some grounding in reality. This is not to say that Mr. Trump is trying to overthrow the government. He is still President, after all, and will…

Media plays on American Constitutional ignorance while Trump presses forward [Video]

Steve Turley and another great friend whom Big Tech hates (follow the link) published a piece noting how the state legislatures in Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania are meeting to hear the cases and evidence alleging massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Since this site is blocked from Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we…

Michael Knowles On What Media You Should Trust

November 08, 2020 8:58 PM ET Michael Knowles, the host of the Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire, has a message exclusively for Daily Caller Patriots about what media you should trust.

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board speaks about Huntergate

One day ago, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board published the piece you are about to read below in full. Since the Journal has a paywall on its site, it may be difficult to see it at its native location, though the link to it is here for anyone having a subscription. However, Fox News…

First Lady Melania Trump Rips the Media, Liberals in Leaked Tapes

First Lady Melania Trump ripped the establishment media and liberals for their treatment of her in July 2018, secretly recorded phone calls by a former friend reveal. On Thursday evening, CNN’s Anderson Cooper featured Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of Mrs. Trump’s, to air secretly recorded phone calls between Wolkoff and the first lady in…

Why doesn’t President Trump just send in the troops? A soldier explains

Kurt Schlichter penned an excellent piece for Townhall.com that gives very clear explanation for a question that has no doubt been on many conservatives’ minds: Why doesn’t the President just do what he threatens, send in the Guard and shut these riots down for good? We know those cowards will not challenge the military! As we…

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