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Thursday, August 6, 2020

The leading CEOs of Big Tech sure had their deception down pat in Congress...

Breitbart News’ Lucas Nolan took no prisoners in his assessment of the House Judiciary Committee hearing of the most powerful Tech CEO’s in the United States. These leaders, representing Apple, Google (Youtube), Amazon and Facebook (WhatsApp), were well prepared to lie to a committee that itself had divided goals. It could be, and has been,…

FACT CHECK: Is Mark Zuckerberg David Rockefeller’s Grandson?

A viral Facebook post claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Jacob Greenberg and that he is the grandson of the late billionaire David Rockefeller. Verdict: False Rockefeller isn’t Zuckerberg’s grandfather, and Zuckerberg is the Facebook CEO’s real name. Fact Check The Facebook post attempts to link Zuckerberg, who co-founded Facebook in 2004…

Zuckerberg Was The Only Tech CEO To Unequivocally Say China Is Stealing American Technology

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the only tech executive at Wednesday’s antitrust hearing who unequivocally said China is stealing technology from American companies. “I think it’s well documented that the Chinese government steals technology from American companies,” the 36-year-old Silicon Valley executive said after Rep. Greg Steube asked him if China is stealing from U.S. technology…

NYTimes Columnist: CEOs Can Use ‘Black Lives’ Furor to Hide the Money

The ideology being pushed by the Black Lives Matter wave can help corporations shift voters’ attention away from jobs and wages, says Ross Douthat, a conservative columnist at the New York Times. Douthat declines to put a useful name on the progressive strategy. But he refers to it as the “successor ideology” that is now…

Allen West: Facebook and Twitter Help Antifa While Censoring Everyday Americans Protesting Lockdowns

Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) highlighted Facebook and Twitter’s politically-driven and arbitrary censorship of information, contrasting the platforms’ facilitation of operations executed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter while censoring disagreement with public health authorities’ positions. West joined Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Ed Martin…

Zuckerberg: Platforms ‘Shouldn’t Be the Arbiter of Truth of Everything That People Say Online’

During a portion of an interview set to air on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Daily Briefing” released on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his disagreement with Twitter putting a fact-check label on one of President Trump’s tweets by stating that platforms like Facebook and Twitter “shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth…

Billionaires Increase Net Worth by $434B During Coronavirus Lockdowns

The net worth of the United States’ billionaire class has increased by $434 billion during lockdown orders implemented by most states to slow the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Between March 18 and May 19, the nation’s more than 600 billionaires have increased their net wealth by 15 percent from $2.9 trillion in March to…

Facebook Wants To Ensure They Remain ‘Essential’, Along With Other Social Media Companies

Haley Kennington Posted On May 12, 2020 An article published by The Washington Post on Monday revealed Facebook’s brand new non-profit organization, “American Edge,” that – along with other social media companies – seeks to heal self-inflicted scrutiny and improve their overall image, while selling their Silicon Valley products as “essential” to politicians. The Washington…

Facebook Is Giving $1,000 To Content Moderators Who Said Online Trolls Turned Them Into...

Facebook agreed to pay out a $52 million settlement to thousands of current and former content moderators who said they are suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome after viewing upsetting content on the job, The Verge reported Tuesday. Each moderator will receive a minimum of $1,000 and will be eligible for additional compensation if they are…

H-1B Lobby Group: House Coronavirus Bill Extends Work Permits for Indian, Chinese Visa Workers

The House coronavirus spending bill allows roughly 500,000 college graduate visa-workers from China, India, and elsewhere to stay in their U.S. jobs, regardless of job losses by American graduates in the economic meltdown, according to a lobby group for H-1B workers. The measure would prevent U.S. graduates from getting hundreds of thousands of college-grade jobs…

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