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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Markets Scream ‘Panic’ To Powell As 2022’s Tech-Wreck Is Worst In Over 30 Years

The market is sending The Fed some very clear signals as it prices in an aggressive rate-hiking trajectory this year (just as the economic data starts to gravely disappoint) warning that it is 'panicking' and deserves 'more'...Panic Signals include....1) Indices puking hardThis the 3rd straight weekly loss for the S&P (its longest weekly losing streak…

Markets Turmoil As FOMC Minutes Spark Surge In Rate-Hike-Odds

Well that escalated quickly...What we would like to know is - if the market is a "forward-looking" whatever... what exactly was it looking forward to by ignoring the fact that STIRs have been pricing a dramatically more hawkish Fed for weeks?The S&P and Small Caps joined Nasdaq in the red for 2022 today, puking lower…

Markets Are Pricing Rising Volatility For 2022; Goldman Warns Of Increasingly Macro-Led Moves

Tomorrow is VIX expiration, and, as SpotGamma notes, we head into that expiration with an elevated VIX structure. If you compare today's VIX term structure to that of mid-November you can see current levels (black) remain well above Nov(blue).Nov is “pre Omnicron” and “pre Taper” so it makes sense that current prices are elevated –…

Markets Turmoil As Easing Omicron Anxiety Battles Surge In ‘Technical Default’ Fear

Markets... everywhere... are turmoiling. Volatilities across every asset-class are spiking higher as the Powell-Put gets restruck lower...Source: BloombergYou can't un-cut the rope Jay!!A very technical buying panic to start the day but news that a second Omicron variant carrier had been found in the US (Minnesota, but traveled to NYC) initially sent stocks lower but…

As Markets Brace For Beijing Easing, Chinese State Media Unveils 25bps RRR Cut Before...

While some in the market are still obsessing over i) when the Fed will end its taper and ii) when it will commence liftoff, or start the rate hiking process which according to the latest market-implied odds, will begin in June instead of July (spoiler alert - it won't)...... the real question traders should be…

Markets Have A Message For The ‘New’ Chair

Jay Powell may celebrate today, having been renominated for a second term - bizarrely it took Biden almost a month to make the simple decision to extend his tenure as he fought constant complaints from the socialist wing of the Democratic party to appoint someone even more dovish - but markets are signaling to the…

Hedge Fund CIO: To Markets It No Longer Matters Who Wins The Election

By Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management When 2020 started, Trump seemed destined to win. The economy was strong, unemployment low, markets were priced accordingly. The odds of a Democrat victory were low, though market consequences of such an outcome seemed clear - higher taxes and re-regulation would knock equities lower. A 25%…

An Emerging Markets “Doom Loop” Time Bomb Emerges, And Inflation Could Set It Off

While both we - and most other analysts - have been focusing on soaring debt and QE since the covid pandemic, DB's Jim Reid correctly points out that this has been mostly in the context Developed Markets. But how have Emerging Markets funded themselves in the pandemic? The answer, as Reid writes in his Friday…

Markets Immediately Reverse Earlier Plunge After Navarro Walks Back China Comments

Update (1010ET): If ever there was evidence of the farce this so-called market (and perhaps also the Trump administration) has become, it is this. Shortly after stocks and the yuan plunged following Peter Navarro using the words "it's over" when discussing the US-China trade deal, the White House Advisor rapidly backtracked, claiming in a statement…

Is Dave Portnoy The Market’s Mad Genius: Here Are The Top 40 Stocks In...

On Saturday, we reported that something remarkable was taking place in capital markets: a basket of "retail favorite" stocks had outperformed not only the broader market by a wide margin, at one point last week surging as much as 35% YTD, but also the basket of most popular, "hedge fund VIP" stock. How is this…

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