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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Democrat hysterics over Amy Coney Barrett reveal their RACISM [Video]

Dr. Steve Turley is certainly the rising star in conservative media. His intensity for pressing home the point that liberalism and globalism are failing enterprises is fresh, optimistic (though sometimes with a bit of evil spite thrown in… not that I can blame him for that!) as he shows the process that seems to be…

Biden’s tepid request that riots stop motivated by pure Marxism [Video]

One of the characteristics of Marxism is that people as individuals have no value. The Marxist dream is of a perfect state, everything running in an orderly fashion. The successful maintenance of the State theoretically translates to a Utopian life for its people. However, to quote from Tom Clancy, in the thoughts of his character, Marko…

President Trump gets a hero’s welcome in Kenosha [Video]

The Next News Network, an alternative source for some very interesting angles on news stories featured this video about the welcome President Trump actually received in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday, September 1st. The unrest appears to have been ended in that city after the National Guard supplemented Kenosha law enforcement personnel. The riots exploded with…

Black Lives Matter Tears Down. Here’s How Black America Was Built Up

August 04, 2020 8:46 PM ET Support for the ill-defined Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in America is in many ways a default, thanks to a lack of socially conservative alternatives. “All lives matter” and other standard retorts, such as BLM being a Marxist front, are proving ineffective in the public discourse. Instead, black Americans deserve…

Marxist Angela Davis: Joe Biden Is ‘Candidate Who Can Be Most Effectively Pressured’

In a discussion about why she is supporting Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, radical Marxist and former Black Panther Angela Davis explained Monday that while Biden is by no means an ideal candidate for the radical left, he is the “candidate who can be most effectively pressured.” RealClear Politics brought attention to a…

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder in 2015: ‘We Are Trained Marxists’

A short, but wide-ranging, 2015 interview with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors revealed that many of those within the movement, including Cullors, consider themselves to be “trained Marxists.” In a moment of discussion regarding the lack of ideological direction within the movement, Cullors argued that the movement does “have an ideological frame.” “Myself and Alicia…

Black Lives Matter Is Red, Not Black

Although it hit the news big time only with the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter was formed officially on July 13, 2013. Its website was launched October 12, 2014. One does not have to be a supporter or fellow traveller to agree with the proposition that innocent people should not be murdered by…

George Floyd riots spread as liberals destroy their own cities [Video]

First of all, a politically incorrect statement. The people who are rioting over the death of George Floyd, who are destroying businesses and homes and property of people who had nothing to do with this unfortunate man’s death, should be punished according to the law just as you or I would be if we were…

Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, Part IV: Socialism endorses stealing

We return to our series on Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism with a look back at the three previous Articles. In our first installment we examined the basic matter of materialism (not to be punny), noting that Socialism is completely different in its worldview, treating matter itself as the only creative energy or force, and emphasizing…

UCSB Unveils New ‘Social Justice’ & ‘Inequality’ Focused History Minor

Universities rolling out broad range of social justice degrees The University of California, Santa Barbara history department has introduced a new minor in “Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice,” with the stated goal of providing students with “the tools to understand the structural and political roots, dynamics and consequences of poverty and intersectional inequality; conduct original…

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