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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Confused Joe Biden Struggles with Inconsistent Message on Mask Mandates

President Joe Biden struggled to explain Thursday why vaccinated Americans in some areas would have to wear masks again, as it contradicted his previous guidance. Biden began his speech at the White House by walking into the room wearing a mask, then taking it off to speak. “In a significant part of the country, you…

Kamala Harris Threatens America: ‘Only Way’ to End Mask Mandates Is to ‘Get Vaccinated’

Vice President Kamala Harris warned Americans Tuesday that if they did not get vaccinated, they would face continued mask mandates. “No one likes wearing masks… people need to get vaccinated. That’s the only way we’re going to cut this off,” she said at a White House event. “Nobody likes wearing a mask.” Harris’s comments represent…

COVID-19 cases increase sharply among VACCINATED people [Video]

A new British study on the behavior of SARS-CoV-2 among vaccinated populations revealed that 47% of all new cases being reported are among people who have been fully vaccinated against the disease. This was reported by a new and very well-presented news source called Front Page with Scott Goulet. We offer his video presentation. The relevant report begins…

Moscow COVID Delta response may shock government officials [Video]

WARNING: What you are about to read is rampant speculation based on observation. It may well be wrong, but then again… The “Delta” or “Indian” strain of COVID-19 surged in its spread in Russia over the last two weeks, forcing Moscow citywide daily counts of new cases of the illness to the highest recorded since…

COVID INSANITY as a true believer attacks a student [Video]

This is both aggravating and sad. It is sad because what you are about to see is an example of human wreckage brought about by fear of COVID-19 and the constantly whipsawing narrative about what is and what is not safe to do because of this very mild pandemic. It is also a good study…

Joe Biden Celebrates CDC Mask Update: Vaccinated People Can Now Hug and Shake Hands

President Joe Biden celebrated news the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted their mask mandate for fully vaccinated Americans Thursday. “Today is a great day for America in our long battle with the coronavirus,” Biden said. The president emerged from the Oval Office without his mask and approached the podium in the Rose Garden…

Andrew Yang: ‘Defund the Police Is Wrong for New York City’

“Defund the police is wrong for New York City,” Andrew Yang, who is running for mayor of New York City, said on Sunday hours after a shooting in Times Square. Yang held a press conference in Times Square : Nothing works in our city without public safety and for public safety, we need the police.…

Joe Biden Administration Extends Mask Requirement for Travelers Though September

President Joe Biden’s administration announced Friday their decision to extend a mask requirement for travelers to the United States until September. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced its decision to extend the mask mandate, initially set to expire on May 11, to September 13, 2021. .@TSA is extending the face mask requirement for individuals across…

Rand Paul: If You Want More People Vaccinated Biden Should ‘Burn His Mask’ and...

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that “If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off, and burn it” and say, “I am now safe from this plague. If you’ll get the vaccine, you can be…

Police Bust Indian Factory for Stuffing Mattresses with Used Masks

Police in the western Indian state of Maharashtra registered a case, local reports noted on Monday, against the owner of a mattress factory in the city of Jalgaon after the facility was found stuffing mattresses with used sanitary masks. Jalgaon residents recently alerted local police that a mattress factory in the city was engaging in…
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