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Mayor de Blasio Tells NYPD To Pay People Home Visits For “Hurtful” Comments

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYPD officers should pay people home visits if they engage in “hurtful” behavior to others even if the action isn’t criminal.What could possibly go wrong?“Even if something is not a criminal case, a perpetrator being confronted by the city, whether it’s…

LA Mayor Threatens To Shut Off Water And Power At Homes Hosting Parties: Virus...

Summary: Another US lawmaker tests positive for COVID Texas positivity rate hits 3-week high California suffers second deadliest day NC 'pauses' reopening plans US cases climb 1.1% Gilead issues info on remdesivir pricing California new cases, deaths climb France suffers biggest jump in new cases in 2 months California has been "significantly" undercounting numbers for…

NYC Mayor Admits City Did Not Submit Application To Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ Murals

Authored by Janita Kan via The Epoch Times, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that the Black Lives Matter murals painted around the five boroughs were painted without going through the application process for public art projects. His comments come after the city is facing scrutiny for refusing to let other groups to paint similar…

Seattle police chief slams city ordinance, telling citizens “you are on your own” [Video]

Seatlle police chief Carmen Best has had enough. After two months of CHAZ, CHOP and nightly riots, aided and abetted by a super-liberal Mayor that only cares about using her city’s suffering to make President Trump look like the problem, the Seatlle City Council passed an ordinance forbidding officers to use “less-than-lethal” ordinance to quell…

Mayor Apologizes As Chicago Cops Caught Lounging In Congressman’s Office Instead Of Arresting Looters

Thanks to her history as a local prosecutor, many of Chicago Mayor Lori LIghtfoot's critics during her ultimately successful campaign to succeed Rahm Emmanuel warned that she was "The Fraternal Order of Police's first choice", a reference to the powerful police union. Now, after accusing an alderman of being "100% full of sh*t" when he…

Japanese Mayor: Men Should Do Shopping Since Women Are ‘Indecisive And Take Forever’

The mayor of Osaka, Japan is taking heat after suggesting that men should do the grocery shopping amid the coronavirus pandemic because women are indecisive and "take a long time." Residents in certain parts of the island nation have been asked to shop less frequently and only send one family member to the store for…

Illinois Mayor Who Sent Cops to Break Up Banned Party Finds Wife There

An Illinois mayor who sent the police to crack down on parties of more than ten people during the coronavirus pandemic found his wife at one of those parties. Brant Walker, mayor of Alton, ordered the police to crack down on anyone who violated Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order issued on March 20, which has…
nyc-mayor-de-blasio-logged-just-7-hours-at-work for-entire-month

NYC Mayor De Blasio Logged Just 7 Hours At Work For Entire Month

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasop spent just seven hours at City Hall during the month of May - when he was 'hard at work' launching his bid for the White House, according to records reviewed by the New York Post.  The Mayor showed up just six times in May in order to attend two meetings, four events and hold…

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