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Democrats Concerned about Florida Election Integrity Efforts

Florida Democrats are concerned about state GOP-backed legislation that would have Florida voters request a new vote by mail (VBM) ballot each election. Florida voters are currently able to receive VBM ballots over the next two years without filing for a new ballot. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Dennis Baxley (R), said, “One of the most sacred…

PHOTOS: Trump Supporters Gather for ‘Midnight Special II’ Rally in Florida

Tens of thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered Sunday at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport near Miami, Florida, for the fifth and final rally of “Seven-state Sunday.” As in 2016, Trump spent the final Sunday of the presidential campaign barnstorming the battleground states. He began the day at the White House, in the District…

How The Downtrodden Token Story Traps Minority Writers

As a minority writer from a working-class background, I had naively assumed that the supposedly progressive writing world would be receptive to my urban stories populated by people of color (POC), but I quickly learned that only a specific brand of POC story was championed by literary elites: the downtrodden token story (DTS). A DTS…

‘Nodding Woman’ Steals the Show at NBC News Trump Town Hall

President Donald Trump participated in an NBC News town hall on Thursday night, but one woman seated behind the president immediately caught the attention of the viewers. When President Trump denounced white supremacy, spoke against rioting and looting, and on other issues she quietly nodded in approval. She also gave a big thumbs up at…

Miami Goes 7 Weeks Without A Murder Amidst COVID-19

April 25, 2020 8:53 PM ET Miami, Florida went seven weeks from February 17 to April 12 without a murder, marking the city’s longest stretch without homicide since 1957. The city’s record-breaking streak was ended Thursday with two killings, according to a local CBS affiliate. Prior to 1957, the city went just over 9 weeks…

Miami Herald Columnist Says Crowded Beaches Will ‘Thin The Ranks’ Of Trump And DeSantis...

April 19, 2020 7:41 PM ET Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago said Sunday that Florida residents crowding newly reopened beaches would “thin the ranks” of President Donald Trump’s supporters. Within hours of some of Florida’s beaches reopening — after being closed temporarily due to the coronavirus threat — reports and photos began to circulate showing…

Storm Amidst The Storm: Hurricane Experts Predict Up To Four Major Storms Amid Covid-19...

(PALM BEACH, FL, DISTRICT 21) Many veteran Floridians have not been shocked by the panic buying, state of emergency, and business disruption the coronavirus pandemic has brought because we deal with it every year during hurricane season. But this year experts say the sunshine state, along with much of the gulf and Eastern coastal states…

DaBaby Arrested On Battery Charge

January 03, 2020 5:24 PM ET Rapper DaBaby was arrested on a battery charge in Miami on Thursday night. DaBaby is being held in prison due to an outstanding warrant found in Texas, according to a report published by the Associated Press. Miami-Dade Corrections spokesman Juan Diasgranados said the rapper will stay in custody until further…

Art Basel Climate Change Installation Accused Of Being Bad For The Environment

December 09, 2019 3:57 PM ET A Miami Art Basel installation known for its commentary on climate change has been accused of not being environmentally friendly. The art piece, “Order of Importance,” created by artist Leandro Erlich is located on South Beach and features 66 full-size replicas of cars and trucks, according to a report…

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