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Michael Moore: ‘Do Not Underestimate the Evil Genius That Is Donald J. Trump’

Thursday on MSNBC, liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore begged Democrats not to underestimate that President Donald Trump was an “evil genius.” Moore said, “I want to caution everyone, do not underestimate the evil genius that is  Donald J. Trump. There are many examples throughout history, whether it’s Henry IV facing the French on St Crispin’s…

Michael Moore: ‘Do Not Underestimate The Evil Genius That Is Donald J. Trump’

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said Democrats should “not underestimate the evil genius” of President Donald Trump when it comes to winning elections. Moore reminded MSNBC host Joy Reid about other examples of come-from-behind wins when all seemed lost while speaking on a Thursday night “The Reidout” panel segment about the upcoming election. “I want to…

Michael Moore: I’m ‘Begging’ Dems — Don’t Underestimate White Male Trump Supporter’s ‘Rage,’ ‘Emotion’

Friday on MSNBC, liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore begged Democrats not to underestimate that President Donald Trump’s voters are white men in “rage.” Moore said, “Never take Trump for granted. If anybody is sitting at home thinking ‘Oh, man, we’ve got this one in the bag. Whoa, did you hear him today? He said he’s…

Michael Moore Torches Biden: He Lacks ‘Necessary Enthusiasm’ to Beat Trump

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to beat President Donald Trump. “Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it’s going to take to get people out,” Moore told Vanity Fair‘s Tom Kludt in a recent interview. “The Democrats are cynically counting on everyone’s desire to remove Trump.”…

Michael Moore: Trump Trying to Rig 2020 — We Must Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’...

Friday on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore accused President Donald Trump of attempting to “rig” the 2020 presidential election said Democrats must fight “tooth and nail” with Trump for mail-in voting. Melber asked, “Your concern about that, and as someone who has always been tough and loud and clear about your politics in…

Roger Waters: Mike Pence, Pompeo ‘Will Kill Every Living Thing On This Planet’

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is once again airing his political grievances in over-the-top fashion. The 76-year-old rocker has accused Vice President Mike Pence  and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of being “villains” who will “kill every living thing on this planet.” Waters made the far-fetched comments during a podcast interview with left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.…

Michael Moore Arrested With Joaquin Phoenix

Authorities arrested documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Joaquin Phoenix on the Capitol steps during a climate change protest. The two were at Jane Fonda’s Washington “Fire Drill Friday” on Jan. 10. WATCH: Check out the latest from the Daily Caller News Foundation’s video team and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be sure you…

Emily Ratajkowski and Michael Moore Talk 2020 Election, Trump and Sanders

January 08, 2020 4:43 PM ET Emily Ratajkowski sat down with Michael Moore to talk 2020 election and made it clear that she thinks the only man who can beat President Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders. “One of the other things, that’s not for nothing,  Trump doesn’t have anything on him [Sanders],” the 28-year-old Sports…

Michael Moore Sends Iran Leader a Direct Message: Let Me and Millions of Americans...

Far-left documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has begged the Iranian regime not to respond with violence to the drone strike that killed the country’s terror chief Major General Qasem Soleimani, promising that he and millions of Americans will get rid of President Donald Trump at the ballot box in November. Soleimani and at least three other militiamen…

Year In Review: The Daily Caller’s Favorite Political Comedy Videos Of 2019

The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill and the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Vince Shkreli list off their favorite political comedy videos produced in 2019. Lets just say this year was the year of costumes and there was no shortage of hilarious videos to pick from, but we narrowed it down to a few just for you!…

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