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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Trump Vows to Keep Fighting for Voting Integrity in 45-Minute Facebook Video

President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to continue fighting the results of the 2020 presidential election. “This is maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made,” said Donald Trump, detailing his latest efforts to fight voter fraud in a 45-minute video posted on Facebook. The president spoke at length about all the allegations of fraud…

More evidence of massive Democrat fraud in the election [Video]

Some of my recent pieces took bits from the massive three hour hearing before the GOP legislators of Pennsylvania to describe the fraud that took place in that state and others, artificially “creating” a win for Joe Biden. There is so much information pointing to fraud that the only real problem these days is that…

REAL MOVEMENT in the Election saga as Giuliani’s team SCORES in PA [Video]

While the mainstream media keeps singing the not so great hit, “I’m Just Biden* My Time”, causing the original writers to spin in their graves, (the real song is a classic, listen here), the legal team representing President Donald Trump just scored a major victory with their testimony before a group of Pennsylvania state legislators,…

Media plays on American Constitutional ignorance while Trump presses forward [Video]

Steve Turley and another great friend whom Big Tech hates (follow the link) published a piece noting how the state legislatures in Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania are meeting to hear the cases and evidence alleging massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Since this site is blocked from Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we…

Michigan AG Calls For Criminal Charges Against GOP Certifiers Who Won’t ‘Fall In Line’

Authored by Jonathan Turley, We have been discussing the campaign of The Lincoln Project and others to harass and abuse lawyers who represent the Trump campaign or other parties bringing election challenges. Similar campaigns have targeted election officials who object to counting irregularities.  Now, the Michigan Attorney General and others are suggesting that Republicans who oppose certification or even meet with President…

Michigan GOP reverses decision, caves in to leftist threats

*****News Topic 160***** Wayne County leftist Ned Staebler threatens GOP canvassers… HERE’S THE VIDEO – Wayne County leftist Ned Staebler threatens GOP canvassers… Wayne County, Michigan reverses its decision not to certify the county vote. William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, the two Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers are threatened by fellow canvasser…

Whitmer Warns of Legal Ramifications for Anyone Attempting to Disenfranchise Black Voters

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Michigan election officials should be aware there are legal “ramifications” possible for attempts to disenfranchise Black voters. Whitmer said, “The vote margin actually in Michigan is now actually 157,000 votes. That is 14 times the vote margin that Trump won Michigan in 2016, 14…

Michigan State Police Will “Encourage Voluntary Compliance” of Gretchen Whitmer Lockdown Order

An internal memo from the Michigan State Police (MSP) stated the agency will “encourage voluntary compliance” with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s latest coronavirus lockdown orders announced Sunday. The directive from Col. Joe Gasper — a Whitmer appointee — noted the order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) “includes civil and misdemeanor criminal…

Trump Retweets Video Segment Featuring ‘Cyber Analyst’ Who Moderated QAnon Message Board

President Donald Trump tweeted a video clip from One American News Network (OANN) to his 88.9 million followers Wednesday that featured an interviewee who is allegedly connected to the “QAnon” community, according to Newsweek. The video clip features an interview with a man named Ron Watkins, who was described as a “large systems technical analyst,”…

Republican Canvassers Rescind Their Votes to Certify Wayne County, Michigan, Results

Two Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers in Michigan rescinded their votes to certify the election results, saying Wednesday they were bullied into changing their original votes, and state authorities had refused to conduct an audit. As Breitbart News reported Tuesday, the board originally deadlocked 2-2 along partisan lines and failed to…
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