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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Universities to White House: Save the OPT Student-to-Worker Program

A group of university associations is asking a former Microsoft executive in the White House to help preserve a very lucrative student-to-worker program that was created at the request of Microsoft. “We understand that the administration is reviewing the OPT [Optional Practical Training] program as it examines additional actions following the April 22 executive order,…

Pro-Migration Group Tells Trump: H-1B Visa Workers Don’t Hurt Jobs, Wages

President Donald Trump may not help Americans if he blocks foreign H-1B visa workers from getting the white-collar jobs sought by unemployed Americans, says a May 18 report by a business-boosted pro-migration group, the National Foundation for American Policy. “There is little reason to think doing so will help American workers,” says the report, authored by Madeline…

DHS: CDC’s Title 42 Law Saves Border Agents and Migrants from Disease

The administration is preserving the nation’s border and border agents by using a healthcare law to help deport 80 percent of migrants within two hours of arriving at the southern border, officials say. Congress’ Title 42 law gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the authority to order border agents to quickly deport…

Democrats’ Coronavirus Bill Imports More Foreign Doctors, Nurses

The House Democrats’ next coronavirus bill will help centralize the nation’s healthcare system by giving hospital chains more power to import many more doctors from overseas, say critics. The wider pipeline of migrants would help healthcare companies expand their marketplace reach, but it would also sideline many U.S. healthcare professionals and many Americans who want…

Amnesty Advocates Say Illegal Migrants Are Essential Heroes of Coronavirus Fight

Amnesty advocates are working overtime to portray illegal migrants as heroic essential workers in the national campaign to contain China’s coronavirus. “We have started talking about essential workers as a category of superheroes,” according to Andrew Selee, the president of the pro-migration Migration Policy Institute. The illegal aliens who work as “essential workers” deserve an…

Bloomberg News: Import More Migrants Because Americans Can’t Get It Done

The United States will need even more immigrants once the economy has recovered from the coronavirus crash, according to the editorial board of Mike Bloomberg’s news site. “The U.S. will need to bring in more foreign talent, not less, to fill labor shortages in critical fields, notably health care, and to promote innovation,” the editorial board…

Bloomberg OpEd: Immigration Advocates Have Lost the National Debate, for Now

Advocates for greater immigration have to quit their plans to further expand immigration and focus on defending their gains from the last 30 years, says Noah Smith, a globalist advocate at Bloomberg News. “We pro-immigration people lost, thanks to external events, the rabid insane commitment of the anti-immigration forces, and the natural ending of the…

Poll Shows 2:1 Support of Trump’s Jobs-for-Americans Immigration Shift

Fifty-seven percent of 1,000 likely voters approve of President Donald Trump’s temporary halt to some forms of immigration, says a Rasmussen poll conducted April 22-23. Fifty-seven percent of men and 56 percent of women supported Trump’s unprecedented action to change immigration rules in favor of American job-seekers during the coronavirus epidemic. The policy question —…

Costco’s High-Tech Meatpacking Plant Stays Open as Virus Shuts Migrant-Labor Plants

China’s Wuhan virus is spreading rapidly through the nation’s close-packed, labor-intensive, low-wage meatpacking sheds. “We have basically a policy of lowering labor costs at all costs, and now we’re paying the price because we have all these labor-intensive industries that are paying dirt wages and putting their employees at risk,” said Rosemary Jenks, policy director…

Donald Trump Dodges Indian Pressure for More H-1B Outsourcing

President Donald Trump blatantly dodged the public pressure by Indians for more H-1B visas, so indicating that he is concerned that his administration’s support for white-collar visa workers will alienate the U.S. college graduate voters he will need in 2020. “We’re talking about the H1-Bs,” Trump told an Indian journalist at a February 25 press…

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