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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

US Military Quietly Bought User Location Data From Popular Muslim App 

According to Motherboard, a Muslim prayer smartphone app with tens of millions of downloads has severed ties with a location company that reportedly sold its user data to the US military.  Dubbed the "most popular Muslim app in the world," Muslim Pro has been downloaded more than 98 million times in 200 countries. The app…

Ambassador Nominee Will Ruger: Trump Can Cement His Legacy by Ending the Afghanistan War

President Trump can cement his legacy as the president who ended America’s longest war if he withdraws all U.S. forces from or greatly reduces their numbers in Afghanistan, the president’s nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, William Ruger, said Monday. “He would be the first president since at least Reagan to not start a major new…

US & China Hold Military Talks To Deescalate Ratcheting War Rhetoric

The US and Chinese militaries are holding "crisis communications" talks after days of escalating 'war rhetoric' between the two countries.  This latest was held via video conference between the US and PLA sides Wednesday through Thursday of this week, Chinese defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian confirmed. This also as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Mike…

Who endorses whom? A list of who is supporting the candidates.

The following lists are lifted from Wikipedia.org, which tracks endorsements for both candidates. Some of these will be quite interesting. We wish to concentrate here on external (international) endorsements, those of organized unions, a. However, we will note exceptions for both sides. As noted in the subheading, the Trump list includes a substantial list of…

Hot Mic moment catches more likely Democrat Ticket alignment [Video]

Poor Joe Biden does not even get top billing among his own supporters when they have their own conversations. by Seraphim Hanisch October 21, 2020 129 Views There are many directions to go with this little story of a hot mic moment no Democrat Party leader wants out in the open. Ours is about word…

Trump Ad: Under Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership, We Got Endless War, Broken VA, ISIS...

The Trump campaign released a new ad on Monday, contrasting the national security records of former Vice President Joe Biden with President Donald Trump’s. The ad says: We judge leaders by their results. Under Joe Biden, we got endless war, a broken VA, veterans paid with their lives, ISIS grew, slaughtered innocents, that’s what Joe…

Azerbaijani Military Destroys Armenian S-300s As Humanitarian Ceasefire Nears Collapse

Submitted by SouthFront, The Armenian-Azerbaijani war in the Nagorno-Karabakh region does not show signs of nearing its end despite the humanitarian ceasefire launched in the region. The ceasefire started in the Nagorno-Karabakh region at 12:00 local time on October 10. The ceasefire deal was reached by the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides following long talks in…

Kamala Harris Cites Uncorroborated Report on Russian Bounties to Attack Trump

Vice Presidential Nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Wednesday during the vice presidential debate relied on a report the Pentagon has said is uncorroborated to claim President Trump does not care about troops. “Take — and this is –this is very important when you want to talk about who is the current commander-in-chief and what…

Military Suicides Rise An Alarming 20% As Top Brass Blame COVID Stress

Military suicides are up an average of 20% this year over the same period in 2019, according to the Associated Press, citing military officials. Broken down by service, suicide among active duty Army is up 30%, from 88 last year to 114 this year, while the Army Guard is up 10% from 78 to 86…

Will A Military Coup Undo The November Elections, Donald Trump, & The Republic Itself?

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation, On March 20, I published an article called Why Assume There will be a 2020 Election? where I laid out the existential threat of a new Wall Street military Coup which would not only render elections obsolete, but would impose a new fascist hell onto America and the…
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