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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

150 Minneapolis Police Officers Want ‘Duty Disability’ for PTSD over Protests

At least 150 Minneapolis police officers have filed for disability, citing post-traumatic stress disorder as their reason for leaving following weeks of crime and turmoil after George Floyd’s death. The disability claims come as the city grapples with an uptick in crime and elected officials try to dismantle the police department while trying to create…

Debate Rages On Police Reform, Role Of Police Unions In Wake Of Floyd’s Death

Contracts between police unions and cities often give officers under criminal investigation special privileges, said David Guenthner of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Law enforcement bill of rights and expungement are examples of provisions that protect police officers when they are under investigation, according to Trevor Burrus of the Cato Institute. Certain provisions like…

551 Rapes Reported In Minneapolis In 2019. Activists, City Leaders Still Want To ‘Dismantle’...

More than 500 rapes were reported to police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2019, according to crime data maintained by the city. The high number of rapes in Minneapolis hasn’t prevented activists and local leaders from pushing to abolish the city’s police department. A veto-proof majority of city council members has pledged to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department…

Cutting Police Funding Will Lead To Understaffing, Reduced Training, Union Official Says

Restricting funding to police departments takes away from valuable resources and training for officers, a police union official said. Proponents of the movement to defund police, who generally do not advocate for the abolition of a police force, want to redirect some police funding to other public initiatives and encourage other reforms. Minneapolis city officials…

‘Veto-Proof Majority’ — Minneapolis City Council Pledges To ‘Dismantle’ Police Department

A majority of the Minneapolis City Council has pledged to “dismantle” the city’s police department as their solution to police violence after George Floyd’s death. City Council President Lisa Bender, City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins and council members reportedly made the announcement Sunday afternoon at rally, saying they plan to “dismantle” their police department.…

Terrence Floyd, Brother Of George Floyd, Says ‘I’m Proud Of The Protests, But I’m...

Terrence Floyd said Thursday that he was proud of the protests that had risen up following the death of his brother, George Floyd. “I’m just going to say this,” Floyd said during a memorial tribute in Minneapolis. “I’m proud of the protests, but I’m not proud of the destruction.” (RELATED: Terrence Floyd, Brother Of George…

Minneapolis School Board Unanimously Votes to End Contract with Police

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis school board has voted to end its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department following the death last week of George Floyd while a police officer pressed his knee to the man’s neck. The Star Tribune reports the vote was unanimous Tuesday. Minneapolis Public Schools will stop further negotiations with the Police Department.…

Rioters Breach, Set Fire to Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct

Rioters in Minneapolis breached the city police department’s third precinct and set fires, according to numerous eyewitness accounts and video posted online Thursday evening. The precinct is getting “run through,” according to the narrator of a livestream posted Thursday evening, which showed buildings in flames and people yelling: #LIVE: Minneapolis Responds To Police Murder of…

Minneapolis Police Protesters Seen Looting TVs, Clothes From Target

Protesters in Minneapolis took to the streets for a second night after the death of George Floyd and also began looting Target, making away with groceries, clothes, large electronics like flatscreen televisions, numerous sources reported. Looters were seen loading up carts and running in and out of a Target located steps away from Minneapolis police’s…
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